The job in your dream has many connections. It can represent your feelings of social value and how you see or value yourself, as a following example explains. It can also indicate how you rate yourself as a family supporter, but remember that a dream is simply a reflection of how you feel about yourself and that can sometimes be a negative view of yourself, or a statement of where you wish to go or do with your life, or even an intuitive insight into your future. 

It can also be fears about ageing as this man says – The last couple of days my soul has been full of anxiety about what to work at, what job I am capable of. I felt middle-aged and in a young man’s world, with few opportunities open to me. Yet I know such feelings are only really due to ruts we get into and then cannot see beyond.

But what is the ‘job’ you are really involved in? Is it perhaps the most important work in your life, the job of working on your own life and improving your worth in the world – not your financial value but your value as a human being? Such things might be painful to face up to.

 Example: I am exploring a  dream and the weight bar is associate with what led me to weight training. It was a feeling of being nobody, of being weak, inferior, etc. So the bar is probably my attempts to be self-confident, self-reliant. This is interesting as I have felt far more of a real person in my own right lately. Not superior or better, but despite a job that gives the outer appearance of me being capable of little, I do not feel upset any more by this appearance in meeting the feelings of worth and capability.

Example: Mr. Erwin then offered to set me up in a photographic firm, I being the manager. It seemed vaguely tempting, but I still had the feeling that I couldn’t devote my life to any things such as photography. I felt there was something important coming in my life, which should be waited for. Meanwhile, I said to Mr. Erwin, I would consider the job if he understood I could not think of it as permanent, or possessing my whole interest.

Example: At my house I meet the new Russian Foreign Minister. He is lamenting at how hard he has to work everyday just to stay on top of his job. As an example, he tells me about the reading and studying he had to do before coming to Thailand. One interesting thing he says that he learned is that Thailand, Newport Beach, California and Isreal are the only 3 centers for exotic fruits in the world.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the theme of the dream?

Is the dream about my work or is it about my attitudes?

Did I learn anything from the dream?

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