Kick Kicking

Self assertion; self expression; protectiveness; aggressiveness. It can indicate a tantrum, anger, and feeling hurt emotionally. See: Hostility

 As you can see from the amazing amount of ways kick and kicking are used in idioms in our language, it shows how different ways dreams can portray kick.

 Example: “It’s so good for children to be alive. They’ve got to be allowed to be alive and feel it is good. To play, to laugh, to argue, to hit each other, to fight, it’s all part of it. I never knew how to do it. You never knew how to do it. The fighting, the kicking, they love it. Even if they end in tears, it’s all a part of it.”  I saw how the fear or shock felt by children was usually only if their parent or comrades felt that falling over, shouting, fighting, was something to cry about instead of enjoy, then they started feeling apprehensive about the tumble of life.

Example: I kicked you all the time Pat (mywife). It was because you faced me with this insoluble problem. The problem was, why couldn’t I love my wife and children? And every time – like the dog licking me now, that’s what helped me to see it – I couldn’t take your affection because it was this pain here again, insoluble problem. Why can’t I love my wife and children? Why can’t I?”

Example: Some weeks prior to the this I had been verbally abused on the telephone. The caller had threatened to come and kick my door in, kick my face in, and generally assault me. In confronting the sort of feeling I met then, I see that the aggressive response, the animal attack response, is actually not the most efficient or satisfying. I gradually worked through to a feeling of remaining poised in readiness for any form of response as the best way of meeting such an attack. This was the sort of openness of being one has when surrendered during inner-directed movement. It does not exclude attacking or even killing the person, but it does not hold those as its aim. In fact it has no fixed aim, only an openness to respond in a way that meets the present situation.

Idioms: For kicks; kick-back; kick over the traces; kick in the teeth; kick the bucket; alive and kicking; better than a kick in the ass; get a kick out of; get my kicks; get your kicks; kick a habit; kick ass;  kick at the cat; kick butt; kick myself; kick start; kick the weed; kick up a fuss; kick up your heels


Useful Questions and Hints:

Where you kicking or being kicked?

Have you ever kicked anybody in waking or in dreams?

How would you react if someone kicked you?

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