Feelings about vulnerability or babyhood. It could refer to feelings about caring for someone or something or someone vulnerable. Also parental urges, perhaps protectiveness, or signs or having a baby, maybe in the womb.

Kittens can also indicate a woman’s sexual feelings and emotions that are still developing, and may be felt as an urge to care and nurture.

 Example: Jane dreamed that she had opened a drawer in a cupboard and there she had found a little kitten half crushed and nearly dead. She took it in her arms, and gave it milk and coaxed it back to life. Then she took it into the garden, where a cat sat looking at it. She was afraid of what the cat would do and told it not to hurt the kitten.

Jane realised at once that the dream was a showing what had actually been happening. Eileen, a you woman who constanly irritated Jane through her never ending small tolk, was the little kitten and she herself the sinister cat. Until late in life Eileen had been at the beck and call of her invalid mother and had never had a life of her own. Then her mother died, and the half-crushed little kitten struggled back into life again. But the cat was a danger. It disapproved of the little kitten’s first efforts to make new and independent contacts, its own contacts, with other people, and disliked its gushing ways, now that at last it could say what it really felt without fear of mama’s displeasure. Quoted from The Way Within by Wyat Rawson.

So Jane came, after feeling so much hatred for Eileen, to realise the situation emotionally and thus could really sympathise. She no longer felt irritated, or, if she did, could laugh at herself over it, so that the whole situation was changed. So the kitten represented what she had been doing to a childlike person.

 Example: She dreamt she was in her brother Dan’s apartment, on the bed with a lion. It was purring and snuggling up to her like a kitten; she had complete control over it. Since her brother didn’t share her enthusiasm about dreams, she associated the Dan of her dream with Daniel in the Lion’s den and his ability to control the lions, a symbol of her emotions. She was greatly encouraged.

In this dream the kitten aspect of the dream with her young emotiosn that because of a love expressed for her animal self was now fully integrated. See Mammal Brain


Useful Questions and Hints:

Does the dream kitten have any feelings of your own vulvearbel femininity?

Has the kitten been neglected, and can you give it care and love?

Do you ever feel like sexual kitten?

See Mammal BrainProgrammedGeniusTechniques for Exploring your Dreams


-Adriana 2015-04-07 16:05:53

I hope you have a meaning for this:When I was in my dream I was trying to help a kitten from getting captured by its previous owner that treated it badly then we made it to a highway and the “owner” cornered me and cousins and best friend tried to get the police but to late I fell off the edge I didn’t feel anything because I was numb from the cold then the police came and…blacked out I was at home my parents sitting next to me and that I woke up, then I heard little scratches at the door, then opened it but the toys from my past childhood that I lost and never found were there then looked up to see who got them and…….the saw cute blonde stripped kitten again and he looked sad, then he talked “Goodbye….” Then I woke up and started crying.

-Angela Baker 2015-02-03 16:49:20

I had a dream that someone wanted me to take care of a beautiful black kitten. I feel in love with it. It always wanted to be around me. All of a sudden, this kitten was talking to me. It would repeat things things that I would say. It also said “I love you” When I woke up from the dream. I looked it up so I could see what this means, and it said that something really bad is getting ready to happen to ne. Is this true:(:(:( ?

-Gail 2014-12-07 12:57:19

For the past few nights, I have been dreaming about the same kitten. It’s grey and white striped and a Maine Coon cat kitten — about 3 or 4 months old.

It just appeared on my lap in the first dream. Since then, it’s either in my lap or with me in some way. It’ a friendly kitten that doesn’t fight or take offence to other cats that walk past it (the first night only).

I keep trying to find a good home for it, but so far have had no luck because I want it to be an especially good home. I don’t really want another cat because (in my dream) I’m too old to take one on.

I wonder if this relates to a book I just finished that is about saving the world from the already begun mass extinction, as well as our broken politics, broken economics, and broken spirits.

I have been trying to devise a way to link it up to appropriate movements–so far with no luck (though I haven’t given up yet).

I guess, in that context, the book is in its infancy. I just finished it the other da.

-Megan 2014-07-12 3:33:39

Good evening Tony,
I’m hoping you might shed some light on the meaning of the dream I had last night.

I walked through a doorway into a darkened room, there was a window opposite me and the curtains were pulled back letting in light. On the windowsill sat a small, long-haired kitten, it was a tabby with dark and light stripes.

As I came closer to the window the kitten turned to look at me and it was panting, like a dog, which I thought was quite odd. It then turned back to the window. It repeated this – look at me, look out the window three times. Every time the kitten looked at me it would start panting.

And then I woke up…

-Jennifer H. 2014-02-25 13:31:39

For as long as i can remember back, starting around age 4, until currently age 27, every single one of my dreams has had kittens in them. Whether its a large part of the dream-such as I am trying to save them and make them tame (they are usually found as wild kittens) or i am just having some crazy dream and see a kitten in it at a glance. There is always a cat or kitten in the dream somewhere. Why? why has this been going on for so many years?? I had lots of cats and kittens growing up but am now severly allergic to them but still they are part of my dreams.

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