Feelings about vulnerability or babyhood. It could refer to feelings about caring for someone or something or someone vulnerable. Also parental urges, perhaps protectiveness, or signs or having a baby, maybe in the womb.

Kittens can also indicate a woman’s sexual feelings and emotions that are still developing, and may be felt as an urge to care and nurture.

 Example: Jane dreamed that she had opened a drawer in a cupboard and there she had found a little kitten half crushed and nearly dead. She took it in her arms, and gave it milk and coaxed it back to life. Then she took it into the garden, where a cat sat looking at it. She was afraid of what the cat would do and told it not to hurt the kitten.

Jane realised at once that the dream was a showing what had actually been happening. Eileen, a you woman who constanly irritated Jane through her never ending small tolk, was the little kitten and she herself the sinister cat. Until late in life Eileen had been at the beck and call of her invalid mother and had never had a life of her own. Then her mother died, and the half-crushed little kitten struggled back into life again. But the cat was a danger. It disapproved of the little kitten’s first efforts to make new and independent contacts, its own contacts, with other people, and disliked its gushing ways, now that at last it could say what it really felt without fear of mama’s displeasure. Quoted from The Way Within by Wyat Rawson.

So Jane came, after feeling so much hatred for Eileen, to realise the situation emotionally and thus could really sympathise. She no longer felt irritated, or, if she did, could laugh at herself over it, so that the whole situation was changed. So the kitten represented what she had been doing to a childlike person.

 Example: She dreamt she was in her brother Dan’s apartment, on the bed with a lion. It was purring and snuggling up to her like a kitten; she had complete control over it. Since her brother didn’t share her enthusiasm about dreams, she associated the Dan of her dream with Daniel in the Lion’s den and his ability to control the lions, a symbol of her emotions. She was greatly encouraged.

In this dream the kitten aspect of the dream with her young emotiosn that because of a love expressed for her animal self was now fully integrated. See Mammal Brain


Useful Questions and Hints:

Does the dream kitten have any feelings of your own vulvearbel femininity?

Has the kitten been neglected, and can you give it care and love?

Do you ever feel like sexual kitten?

See Mammal BrainProgrammedGeniusTechniques for Exploring your Dreams


-Emma Foster 2014-01-22 11:45:32

My dream is a very strange one. Last night, I dreamt about my kitten I own. And he had to be put down. The vet euthanised him and put him in a black bag ready for burial the next morning. When I went backthe nnext day, I tripped over him in the bag and he meowed. He never went to sleep. No matter how many times she tried, he stayed alive.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-01-26 14:12:20

    Emma – I think you are mixing up a medical/vet problem with a human/life problem. For there is something alive in you that because you felt it was not healthy you tried to get rid of/kill.

    I am not sure what it exactly refers to. It could refer to your own reproductive self or to your own feminine drive to have a baby. I am not sure, but you might be able to find out if you try using


-Bertha 2014-01-12 21:22:05

Hello Tony!
Well I’ve had dreams ever since I was a kid and can remember some of them. Last night I had a dream that has me woundering what it could mean?
It started with me walking in a park with hills. All of the sudden I felt faint and fell, I was awake but unable to move. I could hear people coming to my aid, but a demon reached me first, it was black and white and wanted to scare me and constantly threatened me with killing me. It was a female because at one point I was able to get away long enough to get it’s baby, a little tabby kitten. As long as I had it , it would keep it’s distance because I was forced to threaten it hurt it with a knife.
By far it’s been the strangest one, it felt so real.
Maybe you can tell me what it meant.
Also, I’ve had dreams where I start and finish years later. Maybe you can explaine to me what those are
Called. Thank you!

    -Tony Crisp 2014-01-19 15:16:52

    Bertha – The years later is easy to explain, because like films which show a person’s whole life, we can do the same in dreams. Sometimes such dreams show us what we feel the future will be. I would need to see the whole dream to really understand it.
    I feel your dream is about your struggles in life. Maybe you have had an up and down life. In fact there is an indication of illness, or was it a feeling of being powerless and it brought fear of death into your life. Such a fear is symbolised at times by a demon who threatened you with death. The demon is your own fear of death clothed in the images we often associate with it.

    The kitten could be a baby, and in some way your fear and struggle let you keep at bay the fear of the demon/death. I can’t say I understand that in any detail, as it is very much your own inner world. See

    If possible face your fear of death – it is life changing. Also see


-Brals 2013-12-07 20:07:08

Hi tony, this is my first time to write you. I had a dream this morning about three kittens. I was in a tricycle (a mode of transportation ) with other people who are familiar to me (i forget that part of my dream). The tricycle is running and the kitten always fell left behind one at a time thus the tricycle always stop and one of my colleauge always pick it up and put it back to the tricycle.

What does that mean?

Yours truly brals

-Damaris 2013-11-23 16:17:28

why i’am dreaming with ketten

-shasha 2013-10-22 9:13:55

hello dear,
I dreamt my husband bring a brown kitten in the house and my daughter became a dog and the kitten start to fight with my daughter who became a dog and he nearly wanted to wound her…PLease explain to me, thank u

-Sarina Margarido 2013-07-04 22:08:34

Hey Tony

The past quarter or so I have been dreaming about going to a pet store or just receiving a kitten as a present from a relative…..usually a blue-grey in color, but beautiful kitten to take home. What do you think it means? I usually detest pets but felt really calm and excited to take it home….

    -Tony Crisp 2013-07-14 13:35:53

    Sarina – Before you read on please read –

    So you are taking home, you are taking into you, your life, the wonderful young tame creature you are in the mammalian side of you. I probably comes from the real love you have for creatures, especially helpless ones. If you care for and nurture that side of you it will develop and bring you joy, love and new abilities.


-Carol Gassaway 2013-02-16 13:41:33

Hello Tony,
I had the most unusual dream and i rarely
ever dream, but this dream was a dream of kittens. Lots of Kittens…….and just a few cats. Kittens in every room of the house and as soon as I would remove the kittens and thinking they where all gone more would be there, and I mean many more.There was even a cat in the front yard having a kitten and the kitten’s head was sticking out of the momma cat’s rear end.
At a point in my dream, my son came and helped me gather about three kittens in each of our hands and then we walked every where to see where they came from. After awhile of walking I awoke.
I hope you can be of help! Thank you, Carol

-Ashleigh 2012-12-12 18:52:34

Hey Tony!
Last night I had a dream my boyfriend came home with 2 kittens( which would never happen because we’re both allergic lol!). I didn’t know what to name them because I wasn’t sure if they were boys or girls. So then in the dream we took them to the store and sat them in the cart while we bought things kittens need.

-Briana 2012-10-09 19:39:12

I had a dream last night where i was sent on a mission by my ex boyfriend to get towels from an old house, one of the houses that had burnt down. I go inside and its charred and cluttered, there ended up being many rooms, i think i walked through ten of them. But this whole time there was a fluffy white kitten following me, a young one maybe a couple weeks old. I kept looking back at it and smiling, i have a cat myself and i like cats. I have read your information about kittens because that’s what stood out the most in the dream, but i was wondering if there was more to it with all the details.

-tiffany 2012-09-30 16:45:45

i had a dream of three kittens i feed them spaghetti and that seemed so weird to me..i remember loving these kittens and i read what it means and i do have a desire for and my husband want and is trying to have children..

    -Tony Crisp 2012-09-30 20:25:12

    Tiffany – The dream of blood coming out of your vagina I have to go with my feelings about this. I have the sense you are worried in case you are not as well as you should be, and so are worried about the well being of your uterus. But I feel it is just a worry and you are fine.

    The other dream is a good sign that you will have three babies – if you want.


-cora 2012-07-27 9:35:21

Hi Tony love your interpretations on this site..
I have a dream that you could maybe help with..
Last night I dreamt of moving a litter of kittens to a bedroom upstairs, it was supposed to be a safer place for them I thought at the time. It was at my parents house… I couldnt carry them all but I managed four the first time. On my way upstairs one of them fell through the gap ( stairs are slots ) and back to the ground floor. I couldnt stop or go back – when I got to the bedroon, I discovered I only had two kittens – I quickly put them down on the bed and told them that the others had died but I was going to them – they suddenly looked like small children and began to cry with heartache, ….I found the third kitten choking on a cord hanging from my trousers, it was still alive but only barley and it seemed brain damaged of some sort..I rushed down stairs to the one that fell – it too was alive but was also very damaged – I was trying my hardest to revive it but it just seemed helpless…it was very unsettling and it did wake me up…

-Jen 2012-01-30 23:21:37

Hi Tony, you have interesting interpretations on dreams and I had a dream last night that puzzled me.
I dreamt of a new born kitten, whose eyes were only slightly opened, died of fall in a bathroom.
I was with another person in a bathroom, found this little kitten. It was walking on top of a mirror box (bathroom type mirror box with hidden compartment for storage). There were 3 of them and with some gaps between the mirror boxes. As the kitten was just learning to walk, it walked very unsteadily on the mirror box. I reached out my hand to help it, it resisted and tried to get away from me. Unfortunately, it fell through the gap between the mirror boxes and died as it fractured its neck.
The last scene of the dream was I looking at the stiffened body and felt really sad and terrified.
Could you please help me decode the significance of this dream?
The image of the dead kitten was so clear that I still remember it now.

-Sarah 2011-11-14 18:50:19

Hi Tony!
Thanks for the link you recommended. I’ll try that exercise this evening. I have already been using meditation to explore my dreams, find answers to questions I have and to relax. I’m always interested in any new exercises to try! As you mentioned, I do know that there is something big coming. It is some kind of big change and I’m not sure what it will involve but I am excited! Based on my dreams, it will involve dealing with some kind of inner or external conflict and there will be a decision I must make that involves taking a risk. I have been rather impatient over the course of the past few months…it all started with a number of journey dreams that involved me preparing for various trips at night or packing to return to school. I wouldn’t actually leave for the journey for various reasons.
Something is going on within me and I am excited! I feel as though I have spent too much time following what I think is best for myself, while ignoring my true inner gifts, which are now one of the inner aspects crying for attention in some of my dreams. I’ll leave last night’s dream on the wolf page so you can have a look.

    -Tony Crisp 2011-12-16 9:50:41

    Sarah – Every time I read your previous dream I have more to say. But I feel you are right about some kind of big change. I see it surfacing in so many dreams recently, but of course the change for each person is different. The friend in combat clothes is a sure sign that you are on your way, and there may be some difficult stretches ahead, but please do not give up. And it is important to follow your inner gifts.


-Sarah 2011-11-13 23:47:44

hanks Tony!
Your questions and insights have been most helpful. I have a strange feeling that I’m going to have another significant dream later this week for some reason. I’ll see what happens but I might be asking you about another one soon. Usually I seem to be able to decode and understand my dreams using the dictionaries I have and the feelings that accompany the dreams. Although some of my dreams have much deeper meaning and a greater sense of significance resonates with me afterward. These are the dreams I often struggle to understand but your insights combined with some reflection time are very helpful.
I know that these kitten dreams are related to my sexuality as well as potentially other related aspects that are wounded and presently healing. I also believe, based on my dreams as well as recent synchronicities in my life, I am going through a period of healing and change but I’m not sure how long it will take or how I will know it’s complete. I had a dream with the word “healing” as a password for a computer site about medicine I was trying to show a male friend – who is a past friend from university I trusted very much and saw kind of like a brother, but have since lost touch with. Interestingly he was also dressed in camouflage clothing and was just returning from combat as a soldier (although he is not actually in the military at all). He was encouraging me to let loose and have some fun…which was interesting because I can be far too serious and worrisome for my own good. I do recognize that there is healing going on in my life among other things. There is also a sense that I am in the wrong career and although I enjoy many aspects of my job (teaching) I also have this strange feeling I’m going to be changing careers and I am meant to be doing something else soon. I actually had three dreams in one night three months ago that symbolically suggested my career would end and it would be a good thing…joyful and celebratory in the dreams. I also have a sense that there is some kind of very important decision coming up soon that involves taking a risk and some kind of inner work that I’m not totally clear on. I find that dreams are what help me figure out how to proceed, along with following my intuition and watching for waking signs. I’ll let you know if I have another dream that is especially significant or tricky. Thanks again for all your help! Your questions and insights have once again been most helpful Tony!

    -Tony Crisp 2011-11-14 11:11:23

    Sarah – You do not have to wait for significant dreams. To quote you, “Interestingly he was also dressed in camouflage clothing and was just returning from combat as a soldier (although he is not actually in the military at all). He was encouraging me to let loose and have some fun…which was interesting because I can be far too serious and worrisome for my own good.

    Obviously you are dressed for battle and yet in disguise, and that is a sure sign interesting event are coming up from your depths. It may take while, but be ready for some fun.

    So I feel that perhaps you can make use of the following –

    It may seem like a very simple thing, but it can be a gateway to wonder, but you may need to practise it to really ‘let go’.


-Sarah 2011-09-10 13:37:46

Hi Tony! I have been using your dictionary and articles to decode my dreams and it’s all been very helpful but I had a strange kitten dream last night and I would love to hear your take on it.

I was at my parents’ farm (childhood home) and there was this little unfamiliar building similar to the small shed that is there, sort of like a cabin. I walked up to the shed and these little kittens came running out. They were very small and somewhat deformed and sickly looking (seemingly malnourished with large bellies and small heads & limbs), although they were strangely energetic at the same time. I remember one brown one specifically but I believe there were others. The brown kitten was crying for attention and just seemed to desperately want love.

I then saw my favourite, healthy kitten (that exists now) scamper into the shed and I followed it in. There was a larger grey and white kitten that started to pick on it and cornered it…batting at it and bullying it into a corner. I could no longer actually see the kitten because it was around a piece of wood in the corner. I was worried and wanted to protect him. So I moved closer and but they were strangely out of my reach (higher somehow) and I was yelling at the bully kitten. I grabbed a folded ladder and banged it against the wall to scare the bully off. I woke up yelling “no!” or “stop!” Also, noteworthy was that the shed inside was unfinished – as though partially constructed and never finished. It was dusty and seemed as though it had been forgotten or abandoned. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this dream!

Thanks! Sarah 🙂

    -Tony Crisp 2011-10-10 13:51:09

    Sarah – Your dream paints a very interesting picture for me.

    The cabin that has never been finished is part of the interest. In terms of this being an experience of your inner world, your inner life, here is an inner task you have not finished. As soon as I read it I had a memory of something I read many years ago – perhaps 40 years – that as we try to grow and develop our inner self the first thing we have to do is to build a shed/cabin in the inner world. That is our first stable thing in a very fluid and shape shifting world. From there we can start to enter into what are very strange surroundings when seen from our experience in the body.

    And the kittens are something that also hasn’t been finished. They are sickly and undernourished. As you say it/they were crying for attention. It does desperately need your love, With it the kitten can quickly become whole and healthy.

    But the thing to understanding is the conflict between the wild and the tame – allowed in the house kitten. And here I have too say what I feel and it may not be true for you, but you have a side of you that has been raised in comfort and it does not have experience of wildness and facing difficulties and the passions that involves. But you have it there inside you as the cat that attacks your home cat – and that arouses some of the passions, so much you wake shouting.

    So hold and love the kitten that needs your love and see what happens.


      -Sarah 2011-10-11 2:33:22

      Thanks, Tony! Your interpretation is very helpful and also opens up new perspective on other dreams I have been working to understand!

        -Tony Crisp 2011-10-11 9:29:52

        Thanks for the feedback Sarah.


          -Sarah 2011-11-08 22:39:15

          Hi Tony,
          Last night I had another kitten dream and I have a feeling that it is somehow connected with the last kitten dream I posted about on this page.

          In last night’s dream I was cuddling in my bed with a kitten. I believe it was a female kitten but I’m not sure. It had long white and brown or black fur. This kitten was a fair size but still not fully grown. It was *very* friendly and affectionate. I also recall thinking in the dream that I don’t normally like pets in my bed (perhaps because I wasn’t allowed growing up), but in this case it was fine because the kitten was noticeably clean and healthy. I recall noticing how white and soft her fur was. Tony, how could this dream relate to my last kitten dream or does it seem separate? I would really appreciate any thoughts you have or questions you think I should consider. Thanks for taking the time to help me understand. 🙂

          -Tony Crisp 2011-11-13 11:12:34

          Sarah – By the way I love questions, and I get a lot out of trying my best to answer your dream questions. But it is difficult to keep up with them

          From what you write about this latest dream, it seems to be that you have loved it so much that you have closed the separation between the wild and the tame. The tame part I see as the rules you lived by as a child, but are now taking the kitten into your bed as you no longer see it as unclean.

          So I would ask yourself what else you felt in the past was unclean, and see if your feelings have altered. I feel that as human beings we are simply a face on a long line of beautiful animals. Without them we would not have existed – and it is still difficult. So many people cannot find any connections with the animal self, and we can see this as the tremendous amount of breakdowns in society and mental health.


        -Tony Crisp 2011-11-11 11:29:22

        Thanks for letting me know.

        It is very helpful to me.


          -Sarah 2011-11-12 15:15:03

          I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts. All of the work you put into your website is very helpful and I enjoy reading your work. I’m tempted to ask you so many questions, but I try to be selective because you have so many people requesting your insights on here. 🙂

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