Humbleness, a receptive condition of mind; a state of awe, or acknowledgment of dependence or even defeat. See postures

Humility, sometimes because of being betrayed or hurt so much you are on your knees and are thrown down because to it. An acknowledgement of dependence or co-operation. Or sometimes from a tremendous sense of awe. It can be a sign of defeat, a recognition of a superior force.

Also often used to get closer to or examine someone or something.

 Example: On my right in the hedge I found my manuscript of my present writings scattered, wet with rain, and jumbled. I gathered the manuscript out of the hedge, realising this was what happened when one left it to other people to look after and circulate ones work. Now I was in the foyer of a large well-kept hotel. Kneeling on the floor I sorted out and set into order the manuscript. Despite its fate it now seemed undamaged and complete. None was lost. I was now going to care for it myself.

Here kneel is shown as an indication of being humble enough and close enough to sort out his own problems.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was being expressed in the kneeling?

Did you feel defeated or were you examining something?

Have you ever been on your knees – was it in prayer in  being thrown down?

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-Cinmangrl 2013-07-13 2:15:38

Hi Tony, I had a dream that involved someone I knew in high school, who showed an unusual level of kindness towards me (30 years ago) and for whom I have had a crush on ever since then, if that is possible. He had recently connected with me on a social website, but I know him to have a long-time girlfriend so have thwarted his advances.

In my dream, he has flown to see me and I am picking him up in the Spokane airport. When he sees me, he is genuinely happy to see me and is hiding something behind his back. He gets close to me, kneels on one knee and is trying to contain his smile, going between a toothy grin and one where his lips hid his teeth–the same smile I remember him having in high school. He presents the flowers–red roses–to me, but that’s when I woke up.

    -Cinmangrl 2013-07-13 2:47:36

    No, I see him, but he disappears. I am peering around others to find him. When I see him, he is already down on one knee by the baggage turnstiles, trying to hide from me in a playful way. He tries to hide the roses, but he is slightly off balance and they are spotted, even though he tried to hide them behind his back again and surprise me, again, alternating between a toothy grin and a closed mouth smile.

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