Sometimes it can represent painful or aggressive sexual intercourse or the penis. Also a cutting intellectual insight or aggression, depending on how used in the dream. An attempt to wound someone. A knife is also a daily implement for eating or cooking with, so can indicate you everyday activities.

It can be a “two-edged” thing that can be defensive or as a forceful attack. A knife can be a force for destruction and aggressiveness and hostility. It can sometimes represent a piercing mind.

 Example: I recently had a dream in which I was with a group of Americans wearing full body suits with roller blades fighting war in South Korea with children and grown men. They only had knives and I could really feel the knives stabbing me. Through all this I saw my brother walking through with lollipop in his mouth. I kept screaming at him but he did not know where it was coming from. Then all of sudden he was be killed. I wanted to wake up because I knew it was a dream but it felt so real I did not know what to do. It really scared the shit out of me. I couldn’t help but to run over to him but by that point he was gone. I need someone to help figure that out.

First of all it sounds as if you are in a situation which creates a lot of feelings about surviving by fighting, and even killing. Sometimes this type of dream occurs if you feel anxiety in the place you live. The stab wounds are the hurts you feel, the negative things that are said to you that really wound you. And the death of your brother is difficult to understand unless I knew what your brother means to you. But obviously, from your dream, he represents a vulnerable part of you. That is shown by him walking with a lollipop in his mouth, without noticing the danger. So to me it all says that you feel hurt and angry about the environment you live; hurt so much it has killed your childhood – in other words the innocent and childlike attitudes. That is a nasty place to be.

 Example: I was visiting the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, entrance to which was through a bazaar lined passage. We were given knives to protect ourselves. The mosque was lit solely by a huge furnace at one end. Devils were jumping up and down in the flames. My companion said “The fires of the Apocalypse”. Some Turks said they would kill us if they saw us again.

Because of the passage and the Blue Mosque, this dream refers to your experience prior to birth. The rest of the dream suggests you have fear of dying and are very defensivenss. I imagine this would make you afraid of women at a very basic level of relationship. Any closeness beyond the superficial could lead to fear of losing your identity – i.e. death.  That you are dreaming about this says the feelings connected with it are surfacing in your everyday life. So you will recognise what I am talking about. In fact the threat at the end means that if you dare to meet these feelings, you will confront the fear of death powerfully.

 Example: He said that there was a large puma that sometimes jumped out on you unexpectedly from the shadows, and you needed a knife to protect yourself. Having said that he handed me such a knife, knowing somehow that I had come to explore the house of my ancestors. The suggestion in handing me the knife was that I killed the puma if it leapt on me. Then he and I started to walk into the shadowy areas of the house to begin my search. We had only gone about ten yards into the dim space stretching before us when a very large puma leapt on me. As I felt its impact on my chest I held it firmly in my arms and realised that I had no intention to kill or hurt it.

The dreamer realised that he had been tested to see whether he would feel fear because of the large knife, or would kill an animal. So he had passed the first test of non violence, and of loving the animal. Something we need to learn in order to deal with the inner world well. We are only killing aspects of ourself or repressing them by the action of killing them.

Idioms: Get one’s knife into someone; on a knife edge; under the knife surgery; cut it out; cut the air with a knife. See: Arms; weapons.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What was the knife used for or intended to be used for?

Were you threatened by a knife in the dream?

Were you feeling you could defend yourself?

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-c martinez 2016-03-26 3:30:11

what does having a knife dream with close friends mean . and half way threw thedream im drowning tryn to breath

another is dreaming of my small 6 year old just crying

-Carlisse 2015-11-12 18:03:34

So I dreamt my son was supposed to be getting off the bus but never did…moments later a goat came running across me and disappeared..then a woman came with my son and she was asking me if I heard about recent stabbing me in the neighborhood she walked in my house and I noticed she had a big knife behind my son I seemed to remain calm in the dream and just took the knife from her and stabbed her on the shoulder

-Tiffany faulkner 2014-12-19 18:07:47

I was with an unknown friend working in a clothing store and the boss had asked me to help clean off the desk we had visitors in the store and one of them was Paige gentry and possibly Cody beck but to get to her desk never mind Paige was the boss but to get to the desk I had to walk over another I remember stepping around the things on the desk lightly so I didn’t break anything and then I remember going to clean the desk then I remember running through a man made gorge of some sort with a friend that I felt very attached to but can not name it was a female we ran for what seemed like hours then the walls if dirt around us began falling in around us so we climbed her first and me behind so I could make sure she was safe. Then we finally get out after what seemed like forever and we climb a moving truck which drives us straight to her house where both of our families are waiting her abuela is what we called her an my sister grandma grandpa and a small child I was related to but am not sure if it was a sibling or a niece or nephew. Any ways we find my family in the lower part of the house and her abuela in the top part upon arrival I begin searching the house and the doorbell rings, a delivery guy says he has water for the cooler to unload and as he turns to grab it I feel uneasy and shut and lock the door taking every one to the lower part then I make abuela and grandpa and small child go lower down and hide with my friend my sister is helping me when I am carrying my grandma down lower and as I turn to run back for her he is killing her. I grab a knife and intend to hide in a dug out of a wall and as he comes down lower to find us I run out and stab him directly in his heart and then wake up

-alenka 2014-09-18 15:46:45

I would like to share a dream about anger/agression. I found myself in a beautiful Reneissance villa, with marbles. In the lobby, beneath the stairs, I observed a scene: a violent man with piece of glass in his hands was holding (on the floor) a woman, trying to hurt her back. I felt helpless, as an observer, but knew that she would manage to free herself. And so she did. In the next scene of the dream, the previous scene was repeated as a deja-vu, only that I was now that woman with bare back. The violent man stabbed few times in my back and wanted me to do the same to him, almost forced me to do it… Luckily, I managed to free myself from him and escape from the beautiful Reneissance villa. I entered into a park (really beautiful, Reneissance garden), with a fountain at the center.

I think that in my dream I came into contact with my own aggressivity. It was a continuation / comment of the situation in which I wanted to project aggressivity on some real man (who in truth attracted me), but later-on realized that those projections were merely the contents of my mind.

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