Knickers Panties

Mostly associated with the most intense feelings about sex, about being female, menstruation and also covering the genitals. But often covering in a way to entice a male’s sexual attention.

In a male dream the knickers, their removal, or getting a hand under them is usually linked with intense sexual feelings – or intense difficult feelings if the male has trauma around sex.

Example: As two air hostesses go by me, I see one of the girls kick her legs into the air and hold them there for a long time. I can see her panties. It is very sexually exciting to me.  Later, I follow them to a hilltop villa where they are having an orgy. When it is over, I express an interest (desire) to join in their activities and with one particular girl. She isn’t very good looking, so I feel some disappointment, but we begin fucking in the swimming pool.  P.G.

There are of course different types of panties or knickers, and old fashioned ones could suggest morals of the past. So the various types of panties need to be considered to arrive at what meaning or associations they have for you. See – Associations Working With

Useful Questions and Hints:

What type of knickers are these, and what type of feelings or sexual response do they suggest?

What feelings accompany this part of the dream, and what part in my life do those feelings play?

If they suggest anything other than sex what is it?

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