Jersey Pullover Sweater

The style, period and colour of the jersey or sweater are important in understanding what your dream is depicting. There is also a difference in what the jersey means in a male or female dream. In general the female dream shows it enhancing attractiveness or as a means of attraction, perhaps emphasising the breasts. In a male dream it is more to do with staying warm and looking smart or well dressed.

Jerseys or sweaters can also link with a college or school, so in that case link with your associations with that part of your life.

Sometimes we hide things under our clothes in dreams, and they might hold things we didn’t know about, like fleas, snakes or mice – or even something stolen. This suggests feelings and attitudes that are being revealed and perhaps dealt with. (Look up the creatures if this applies.)

A jersey or sweater can be used in a dream to represent how hot or cold we feel. And thereby show the state of your emotions, your intimacy, and how you are feeling sexually or with your internal energy – life force.

It can at times also indicate the state of Jersey.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the main point of the jersey or sweater in this dream – is it to stay warm, to attract attention, to cover myself up, or to hide something?

What do I feel about this jersey, and what does that suggest?

Is there anything to be understood from the colour, style or period of the jersey?

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