Penis or ones hold on a situation. Knobs may represent a situation that is a turning point in life or that the dreamer can get a handle on things again. The knob is also a symbol for a threshold, for passing from one condition to another.

A knob can be something that gets in the way of a smooth ride or feeling. It can be an experience of meeting something that wakes you up when things seemed to go so smoothly. You can also injure yourself on it, or use it in a pleasurable way.

 Example: I walked into a classroom or conference room set up with tables, there was no one in the room but me.  I noticed that the door closed behind me so I walked back to open it (the door opened into the room I was in).  As I touched the door knob, it started to turn from the other side and a former friend opened the door and walked in.

Example: “Well, slit my drawers, if it isn’t Henry, standing up for me like a gentleman!”  What is that all about? It is something to do with how the dark and light tussle each other.  The creative and destructive rub shoulders and recognise each other. “Hello dark brother, what are you doing in this place where all the knobs hang out?” From Black Power

Doorknob: Turning point in opportunity, sexual or otherwise. The ability to make a change or to enter into a new situation.

Knobs on radio or electronic equipment: Do you have the power to make the change you want? What are you aiming to do with the equioment? It could be about getting what you want or desire to happen – or are you simply searching for something to satisfy you?


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do you want to change a situation or trying to?

Did you msnsger to get the result you wanted?

What was on the other side of the door?

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