Knitting Nitting

Something you are concentratedly working on or creating in your life; knitting a relationship together; consider what garment is being made and refer to Clothes.

Creativity: ideas or thoughts you knit together. You can knit your brows, suggesting concentration or worry. It can be a way of relaxing or even an expression of love.

 Example: Perhaps one of the biggest causes of bewilderment is that the outer world does not at all conform to our inner instinctive life. In a certain sense, because so much of our inner life has been formed out of the experience of millions of years of survival in very different conditions, the external world of today often does not reflect the close knitted group life of the past. The home/cave does not provide the emotional and social warmth it once did; the isolation within huge cities has no connection with our inner needs for being a meaningful part of society.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What feelings or associations are connected with this knitting?

Am I expressing love by creating a garment for someone?

Is it many parts I am knitting together?

Or is it mending or repairing like a hole?

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