Landscapes particularly depict your feeling moods and attitudes. They show what habitual responses of feeling you meet the world with. This is because in dreams you create your own surrounding and environment out of your unconscious attitudes, fears, or wisdom. These surroundings, like your dream houses, show what attitudes or feeling atmosphere you live in most of your life. See: Countryside.

If the landscape if urban, it often reflects whatever you feel about it. Do you feel a buzz of excitement or a feeling of being lost in a massive concrete jungle?

If the landscape is of natural surroundings, forest or open land, then it often reflects you own relaxed and natural feelings. Try using Being the Person or Thing 

Gloomy: Pessimism; self doubt; depression; a gloomy view of life which could rob you of motivation.

Sunny: Hopeful; optimistic; something to look forward to. Life-giving.

Recurring scenes: Habitual attitudes with which you approach situations.

Recurring scenes of past residence: A stance or attitude you developed from that period of your life.

Recurring landscapes: Areas of our feelings or psyche we often return to or experience.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do you ever go to a place to recover or feel good in?

What sort of places do you avoid and why?

Have you ever felt the presence of something more than human there?

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