Your focussed attention and what it reveals. See: Light

 The lamp seems to represent awareness, consciousness or way of viewing life that gives insight into what would otherwise be missed in the darkness of ordinary sight.

Lamps were originally with flames lighting a wick, so were like a small fire that lit ones home or way. Because of the wonder ancient people felt for fire and light and because it was for them a symbol of their life, needing fuel/food to keep it alive, it was felt as having special or magical qualities. Thus the story of Aladdin’s magical lantern.

This gave rise to the eternal flame that must always be kept alight, and represents the eternal that lives within the transitory human body. Fire was not only essential, but sacred to the ancients.  Whenever the Greeks emigrated to foreign lands, they brought a portion of their home fire with them as a link to their homeland.  Similarly, women leaving their family at the time of their marriage brought part of the fire from their mothers’ hearth to their new home. It is a very important inner link that exists within our dream life. See conjuring trick

Lamps are also representative of enlightenment, awareness, insights, perception.

Lamps also symbolise birth, as in lighting a lamp or candle and death extinguishing a lamp or candle. In a dream, these may represent phases of your life or influences that are either coming into being or passing away.

Seven lamps or seven candle are also often used in dreams, and represent the story and mystery of life. See chakras; kundalini

 Example: I am in a very cramped office talking about a light or lamp that I have in my home. My office mates don’t think I have this lamp, but I have had it for a long time. They are surprised and happy. It seems to have some religious significance.

The dreamer obviously is dreaming about his inner light, which he has had for along time, even though his outer life – the cramped office – does not show what he has.

 Example: I was peeling brown paper off a hanging lamp, it came away very easily. I was saying to my self, There it looks much better, gold and shining, instead of brown paper all over it.

The woman is discovering that under her rather tatty exterior she has an inner light that is golden.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I seeing or discovering by the light of the lamp?

Do I feel any inner or religious feelings about it?

Am I using the lamp to throw its light on something?

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