Communication, and therefore understanding or misunderstanding. The unconscious often uses mysterious or foreign languages to express what lies within yourself that has never been thought about or put into words. Much of your most fundamental childhood experiences were pre-verbal, and so only accessible as powerful feelings and feeling responses. Even from babyhood you can make profound decisions about what you will reject or accept. These decisions are formulated entirely as profoundly potent feeling responses. Dreams sometimes express these, and intuitions about your own wholeness, as strange words or a mysterious language. If you play with the sounds and let them develop what they contain can become verbalised.

But everyday language is often taken by people as if the word they use to describe a cat or a person is somehow the cat or the person.  But such words are simply sounds we use that are different in hundreds of world languages, and in no way give us any real understanding of the cat or the person. They are simply sounds we make to indicate to others that we are trying to tell them something we have seen, or are refer to. that we have given the sound ‘cat’ to.

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