Basic or instinctive responses, instinctive drives, or toughness. If wearing the leather as a coat for instance, it might suggest feelings about fashion, animal welfare, or that you are expressing yourself in a fundamental way. See: animal.

 Many dreams in which leather features indicate quality or even wealth. But it depends whether it is a leather jacket worn by men who have a thuggish feeling or a person showing quality. So it depends on the context – Context/Theme

 There are some image clichés, such as men or women dressed in black leather – meaning they are possibly dangerous or adventurous as in the film Matrix; the gay men’s leather pants, showing their identification with homosexuality.

 Example: When I rang his doorbell, instead of him coming to the window, it was my brother and 3 other men who were all dressed as stereotypical ‘gay men’ leather pants, handcuffs etc lol……in real life, my ex accidently set my budgie free which never returned and I think my brother is ‘in the closet’. Is this dream just because of real-life events or could there be another meaning?


Useful Questions and Hints:

Is it a cliché image in my dream?

What do I feel about the leather in my dream?

Do I disagree about using animal products?

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