Little People

We may think of the ‘little people’ as leprechauns or fairies. If it is those you are dreaming of see fairies.

But there are very real little people and maybe you are one of them, for without them the human world would and could not function. For the little people are the hidden and often overlooked and miserably treated miraculous power in the world

Yes, I am talking about you, who stacks the shelves in a supermarket for hardly any reward; you the farm labourer who with good will provides for so many; the housewife and mother who gives her very body to raising children and often alone and unrewarded carries on. You the factory worker who is paid just enough to keep up with costs, the nurses who work and care; and you the millions of middle men who are the truck drivers, the load carriers, the unheaded and unknown wonders of the world who make it work, who are the salt of the earth.

You are the little people who without being really recognised and understood actually are the ones who stupidly make the breakfast, create the enormously expensive house and car of the Big People who could not even get their breakfast, or wipe their arses with soft paper without your work – you Little People.

Why do you carry on when they are earning not just twice as much as you – but thousands of times what you are rewarded? What silly beliefs have you been fed to not see that without you the human world would not work – that without you they would all be helpless.

As much as we see ourselves as the top of the rung as human beings, we actually depend entirely on the little people to survive – the bacteria, the plant kingdom, the insects and the wonderful animals, just to live. It is all the Little People who create the conditions for us to survive.

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