Every one of us is a secret agent on a wonderful, dangerous and adventurous mission. The mission is your life. It is the exploration and uncovering of a miracle – for you are a miracle. Are you not LIFE and a direct expression of the miracle we are all trying to understand and live? Are you not alive, an expression of a fiery trail that started billions of years ago and you are the latest player in the old, old story of life trying to unfold and live more of its miraculous existence?

As a secret agent you will face murder, parenthood, birth, death, survival and trying to find the secret of the CODE of life – and you will meet all of the massive forces that are against you in your mission.

A difficult and often dangerous task, and your opponents will face you with the most subtle and powerful tools, they will open in you psychological warfare that is so difficult for most agents to recognise that you will make all manner of excuses rather than recognise. The signs of this will be you will blame your failing on someone else, you will use justification as a way of escaping responsibility for your mission, you might use drugs or alcohol as an escape method to escape the things that confront you from within you.

So be prepared and live up to what you were recruited to be – a secret agent on the side of LIFE.

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I am in the top three percent world wide as far as a balanced brain is concerned.

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