Sexuality when it appears aggressive and protective; being protective or defended. .

Lobsters are a favourite food for those who can afford them, and if you are dreaming about them it may reflect you appetite for a night out or new acquaintances,

 Example: I had a dream where I was in a room with a big window with people I cannot recall. We felt something, and I said, “Did you feel that?” then we hear noises and someone said it was the crabs or lobsters. I look around and they were everywhere! They were making human noises. A light turned off for a moment, and then when the light turned back on they had passed us. I could still hear the noise they were making. Someone pointed out they were migrating. This was not a nightmare, but it was a very strange dream that left me with strange feelings.

This one may be about a slight infection at the time of the dream. I suggest this because the crabs or lobsters could be representing an infection leaving you. But something is leaving you, and another possibility is that you had let go of hard emotions, the sort where you have shut others out of our life. Maybe even protecting yourself in some way.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What feelings or associations do I have with lobsters?

Do they frighten me?

Do you wish for the extravagant life?

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