Looking At A Dream

When you look at one of your dreams and try to understand it, in a way you are approaching a wonderful alien. It is an alien with intelligence and powers perhaps you cannot even conceive of at the moment. So here are some points to ponder and use in your relationship with your dreams.
  1. Dreams arise from a different type of awareness and intelligence than your waking self. Like any intelligent being your dream will respond to you. If you don’t understand its communication, tell it so. Ask it for help or a clearer message. Challenge your dreams to show you what this great intelligence behind them is capable of. Ask them to widen your horizons.  
  1. A dream is a sort of baby language the Dream Creator uses in an attempt to reduce its message to your level of awareness. It is couched in imagery or mime. If you persist in trying to enter into this communication you will eventually break through into the enormity of awareness the dream is communicating from.  
  1. To understand a dream more fully sit and use the relaxation technique. Then imagine yourself as one of the characters, animals or places in your dream. Literally fill their shape with your awareness – become them or it – and watch the screen of your bodymind to see what it feels like. Let your feelings and imagination respond. Don’t worry if it is ‘true’ or not. If it works in your life it is true. Put what you experience into words and do the same with each part of your dream. It can help to ‘be’ the dream character in the keyboard condition and allow full body/feeling response as in the seed meditation.

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