Your Immense Resources

You have immense resources in your dreams. If you look through your journal you will see a wide variety of characters, animals, and places. The more dreams you have, the greater the variety. Each of these characters, animals and places is an expression of your own resources, your own talent, and your potential. The fact that they appear as external simply says you have not fully identified with or claimed those parts of you yet. So when you are problem solving, when you are looking for that extra zest in creativity, or courage in dealing with a situation, call on your dream characters to help.
Start by listing your main characters and animals, and put a brief description of what their abilities or talents are, or what they bring you. Delve into them to discover this by imagining yourself as them. Role play and find out who or what they are. Identify with the character or place and discover its secrets. Whether peaceful or aggressive, wise of energetic, these are all parts of your potential. Call on them when you need to. Do this by seeking their help in a situation of danger, or if being attacked in a dream, or facing fear. Recently a friend asked for help in facing a difficult change because of loss of employment. She described the image she had of her situation as that of being alone and stuck high up in a cable car. When asked what or who could help change the situation, the only figure that came to mind was Superman. He got the car moving and her mood shifted. It doesn’t matter if this seems like complete fantasy, if it shifts your feelings it has value.
Remember that you are much bigger and with more resources than you believe.

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