About winning or losing, so about lost hopes or the wonder or getting what you wished for. It is also about gambling in order to hope for what you think is a better future. Or else you are financially in difficulties and the lottery is probably just you wishing for something better. For example, if you feel the pinch financially, dreams won’t usually provide the number of a winning lottery ticket as a way of solving financial needs; but they can help discover talents that are lying dormant and that could be used to improve your situation.

There may be an indication if you do the lottery often that you are leaving yourself open to fate, rather than working to improve your life situation and future. Is it the whirl or lottery, the win or lose of love and seeking love.

I believe that a form of super-augmented hero figures are being developed by the large corporations – figures who will have enormous power to sway peoples interest and allegiance and take the place of monarchs. Not only are these figures being presented as having a god-like life, living standard and power, but the public are also led to believe they can share this life, perhaps through a contest or winnings such as a lottery.

Lottery ticket: This can indicate that you are hoping for a win, and that you wish life will reward you. You are putting your faith in fate, and you have it in your hands to win.

 Example: I buy a lottery ticket, but because I wasn’t divorced, just separated I don’t cash it in right away.  I go to a lawyer get a divorce first then cash the ticket in.  My husband finds out and sues me for half the money.  I took it to mean that me still being married was blocking some type of blessing or something good from happening so I finalized my divorce.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I buy lottery tickets often?

Am I aware of what makes me buy them?
Do I dream of winning?

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-reed 2014-12-17 7:51:47

A blonde girl looked at me with an astonished visage and exclaimed, “You just won the powerball!”

I asked her what the numbers were. She remained silent. I retorted, “You are unable to tell me the numbers because it is false.”

Years earlier in waking life, a friend bought me a psychic session. She said I would eventually come into a phenomenal amount of money although the world would endure much loss.

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