It usually signifies that you are allowing a greater amount of your life energy to be expressed. It is expressed outwardly as a feeling of enormous pleasure, excitement or realisation, even enlightenment. So it is an expression of what was previously held back or your power and potential. Unity of many aspects of ones nature. See: holy; aura; lightGlow

It can also be a meeting with what is considered holy.

 Example: This living bust of Jimi Hendrix shot out from my head, which now became the beautiful mother earth (the blue/green orb as seen from space) and his spirit/image flew off on a straight path with incredible speed (like a rocket being shot off the earth) and out of the solar system and on through the Milky way into the dark purple void. His (?) trajectory left a luminous trail of lightly glowing, softly twinkling tracers as he departed the planet/universe. It was startling and surprising, mesmerizing and intoxicating to see that vision and then as quickly as it had appeared, it disappeared, and I realized I was lying on my back in my bed in my own room and that I had been dreaming.

Example:  I dreamed that I was in my house looking into a new mirror at my face. I reached up to rub the skin on the left side of my face and began to peel it off. It came off in one thick piece. There was neither blood nor pain and I seemed to be acting purposefully. The skin beneath was luminous, reminding me rather of something metamorphosing but not yet “ready.” There was a straight red line across the cheek, which reminded me of the red ochre used in ceremonies for the living and the dead among ancient peoples. I was awed but not afraid.

Example: In intense light, I was walking around my childhood playground. Whispering tender words, I carried in my arms a little boy. In the dream, I knew that this was my son. Two days later I met his future mother. The child from the dream looked identical to the boy who was born a year and a half later. Throughout the first few days after Lukasz’s birth, the doctors claimed that he had no chance of survival. Against this medical diagnosis, clear and luminous with every detail in my memory, that night vision was my assurance that my beloved dream child would survive.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it I see that shines?

Does the luminescence leave me feeling something?

Was I shining in some way?

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