This dream might relate to tension, feelings of being ‘suffocated’ in a relationship or situation, as one may have been with one’s mother or home life. Often to do with smoking or what you are taking in from others or the environment in a subtle way. The idioms linked with breathing explain other possible connections – Catch one’s breath; bated breath; hold one’s breath. See Breath Breathing

Example: I was in a hospital. Doctors and nurses were about. I was led to realise my lungs were filling up with mucous or phlegm. The doctor said to me it wouldn’t affect me in a short term, but if I kept on smoking I would feel the effect badly in later life. The dream was so vivid I decided then and there to give up smoking. B.K.

As can be seen B.K’s dream refers very directly to her smoking habit and was a strong enough experience for her to stop smoking.

Example: I heard someone say upon awakening, “Be careful of a lung infection.” Unfortunately, I ignored the warning, and after several late nights and cold weather, I ended up with double pneumonia.

Example: Jane S. had a series of frightful, recurring dreams. “I dreamed I was hemorrhaging from both lungs. As time went on, the dreams worsened; for I began coughing and choking, meanwhile bringing up increasing amounts of blood. I always awakened panicky.”

I learned Jane was going to a tuberculosis sanatorium daily, visiting a friend in a ward, where the active cases were housed. Jane admitted there were times when the coughing of her friend left sprays of sputum on Jane’s face. A suggestion was made that she go to a doctor for an X ray. The results of the X ray were negative for tuberculosis, but the doctor told her she had a case of bronchiectasis, which made her more susceptible to tuberculosis. Hence, the warnings were valid. From then on, she made infrequent visits to the hospital, and her nightmarish dreams ended.

Example: For nearly an hour, I laid on the floor while my pelvis rocked and bumped in different ways, my chest popping and rising. I asked what would help my breathing be more easy and free, and long, humming tones erupted from my body, I was making sounds I had never heard myself make before. I was slightly startled to feel some of the vibration resonating in my pelvis. I made gurgling sounds, and more and more long, humming, tones. Several times all of the breath squeezed out of my lungs which was really uncomfortable, but I trusted it and eventually the breath would always suck back in on it’s own. From a person practicing LifeStream

Idioms as relate to breathing, such as: Catch one’s breath; bated breath; hold one’s breath.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my dream suggesting about my lungs, and is this physical or symbolising something?

Do I feel suffocated in any way in my life?

Did I feel anxious in the dream, and if so what is this anxiety about in real life?

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