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I suppose one of the most striking things I experienced in recent years is that a dream image is just a ‘front’ for massive data banks of experience and information. For instance, supposing we liken your memory to a huge filing system – rooms of it. Within those rooms there is a whole section marked ‘MAN’. Within that section of ‘MAN’ are countless folders with experience and information in about particular men in your life – from father onwards. Apart from that there is a big file or system of files dealing with what you inherited culturally about MAN, and also what you have absorbed from mother and other women. Then there is the media and books. So much.

What particular aspect of all this a dream is expressing depends on how the dream presents, clothes, acts, speaks and relates as the man. So the dream image is a communication between your waking awareness and those massive files of information, and dealing with a particular aspect of your life and development. There is a whole book here somewhere.

As for the female male, and the male female, this is one of those lifetime areas of growth we each face and achieve in lesser or greater degrees. Fundamentally we are without a particular gender, but in connection with our body we often have very marked female or male characteristics and responses to life. However, as we move through the major problems we are wrestling with we start meeting our other half and finding symbols of blending. Eventually the male and female are one in us, though we can easily continue to live as a male or female. A way of cutting through to direct understanding is to use Being the Person or Thing

One of the simplest meanings a man in your dream has is that he portrays your relationship, your feelings about, or responses to, a relationship with a man. The man in your dreams in nearly always an aspect of your own feelings, hopes and fears. Even if it is someone you know well, the dream image is never that person. It is certainly an image you have built out of your memories, your views of that person, your likes, dislikes and insights, the pains or pleasures, the things you learned in relationship with that man.

The man in your dreams in nearly always an aspect of your own feelings, hopes and fears. Even if it is someone you know well, the dream image is never that person. It is certainly an image you have built out of your memories, your views of that person, your likes, dislikes and insights.

The man is in general the polarisation of thought, of activity in the world, of invention and doing, even if you are a woman, you have these qualities that will probably be dreamt of under the image of a man.

In general a person in a dream shows one of your own character resources or problems, depending upon how you relate to the character. Each character trait is a part of the your repertoire of behaviour. If you are at odds with the person in the dream or threatened by him or her, then the trait dominates you rather than you being able to use it without fear. An important point is that the dream image of the person or object summarises the trait. Through the image the you can access the resources of the trait. Therefore it is an image of power. See Being the Person or Thing

Inner male: Most people are often totally unaware of the experience they take in and how it interacts with them when we love someone or have lived with them. In other words the memories and experience we gather unconsciously change us and are not lost. It is part of you and is symbolised in dreams as a person or event. You have taken in millions of bit of memory, lessons learnt, life experiences along with all the feelings or problems met by loving and living with someone and they are what makes you the person you are. Your dreams tend to put all that in the image of the past person when you are dealing with the influences left in you from the relationship. Please read this wonderful example, it will show how much we take in from those we love or lived with.

In a woman’s dream: The man might represent your felt relationship with a particular man, or males in general. In this sense the man portrays the power of your own womanhood, indicating whether you can meet male energy with your full female energy. The man might also represent your ability to question social conventions and to attack issues with thought.

In a man’s dream: An aspect of your own character traits.

Man in black: Usually represents something we fear or a part of us we are largely unconscious of, but is coming to awareness if we allow it.  See shadow 

Mysterious Man: The mystery man can be a way of describing the mysterious life process or higher self. It can be scary because we are not, in civilised cultures, in touch with Life but are frightened of it. Nothing can hurt you in a dream, so even if you fear the man is dangerous, it is only your emotions clothed in a dream image. See What we Need to Remember About Dreaming.

Old man: This might depict some aspect of the relationship with your father, or it might be a form of wisdom you are meeting.

Half animal man: Urges and aspects of yourself that have not yet been socialised, or are at odds with today’s form of social life. See Archetype of the Animus – Ape-man Half man Half Monster


-max 2015-05-02 2:03:12

Thank for having me,
My name is max, and last night I had a dream, the dream was that many statues came from the sky in circle (the statues were blacks in normal size of stone, statues of children’s in thinking position) like 8 or something like this and then a black old man like 65 years old walk into the circle smiling carrying a bag and like a saying hay to the statues.
That was my dream, could somebody give me the meaning of this,
Thank you so much

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-05-03 7:41:56

    Hola Max – Gracias por unirte a nosotros!
    In some dreams things come from the sky, or there are beings in the sky who influence us or offer something. This may depict the subtle influences that play in our life. For instance our ancestors influence us unconsciously through the genes they passed on to us, but also in other ways such as behaviour passed down through the generations, and also in actual physical surroundings. After all, in general our ancestors, whether personal or national, build the framework and superstructure of the world we live in today. See
    I wonder if there have been many generations of “thinkers” in your family which has caused some unresponsiveness – some emotional coldness even – because of making less use of the other three functions.
    Thinking is – according to Carl Jung – one of the four functions, which he called
    Sensation, Feeling, Thinking and Intuition.
    These are the aspects of man’s soul life as depicted above. In saying this I am not trying to confuse Jung’s ideas with those of other people. I am merely trying to give a reasonably understandable presentation of man’s being that includes the materialistic and the mystical, the practical and the psychological.

    Therefore, to define the four functions, we can say that in the function of Sensation, man’s soul life is directed towards the body. Jung explained that each person had dependence on one main function. Thus a person whose consciousness mainly existed in their physical sensations could be listed under this first function. These are people who are keenly aware of the outside world, and are at home in their physical sensations.

    As for the Feeling function, this refers to people who are ‘at home’ in their emotions and inner feelings. They can cope with relationships on the emotional level easily and constructively, although they, like the others, may be quite lost outside their own sphere.

    The Thinking function refers to the man or woman ‘at home’ in their ideas, plans, opinions and the world of thought.

    The Intuitive function person has the ability to see beyond the rational, beyond the things portrayed by thought, feeling or senses. He arrives at truths that seem beyond the ken of those using the other functions.
    I see what is still “covered up” in the bag the black man is carrying as “something that is coming your way” and it is worthwhile exploring it.
    He could be carrying your natural drives, urges, longings and emotions uncluttered by intricate social taboos and/or your inner strength; masculinity; wisdom about the unconscious or about meeting the contents of ones unconscious.
    So try “Being the black man” or “Talking as the black man”: and
    Anna 🙂

-Willow 2015-03-15 15:28:06


For about five nights in a row I’ve had the same dream.
It was about an unknown teenage boy who’s face I couldn’t see. The only part of his body that was vividly described in my dream was his hair. It was long, reaching mid back and the color was light brown almost blonde. I was surrounded by unknown buildings and I was in a school of some sort. He kept appearing everywhere and I strongly felt love towards him. When I wake up, people tell me that I cry while I sleep.

I really have no idea what is the meaning and I’d really like to know. Can you explain it to me? Thank you in advance!

-Teagan 2015-02-21 2:17:59

Hello! Hopefully, you will be able to help me here!
Last night I had a dream that I was going out with my friends and we must have somehow met a groups of men who we seemed to know. I was flirting with one but I didn’t have any real connection. It was more for the fun of it (a habit which I always do in real life). Then I turn around and there’s this absolutely beautiful but earthly ginger haired man with a nice beard and the most beautiful blue eyes. I went to him and cupped his face and told him “You are absolutely gorgeous” as if I have said something like that before. He smiled and gave me a simple loving kiss. I have never seen anyone like my dream man in my life before and this dream was so sweet and real almost, that I was close to tears when I woke up. Could you help me figuring out just what this may mean? I am a young woman and I have never been in a relationship. The man in my dreams is definitely not my type but I felt a comfortable sort of love for them as if we had been together for years. Thank you!

    -Anna 2015-02-22 10:55:10

    Well dear Teagan 🙂 you gave the answer yourself already.
    I suggest you go back into your dreamfeeling and you feel the difference between
    “I was flirting with one but I didn’t have any real connection”.
    “I have never seen anyone like my dream man in my life before and this dream was so sweet and real almost, that I was close to tears when I woke up”.
    The dream enabled you to feel what a real connection with Life feels like.
    Any man – be it in real life or in your dreams – is an expression of Life, which we are all a part of and sometimes Life takes a form inside us – your dream man – which is helpful to us, for this wonderful meeting with your dream man taught you a lot.

    Please read also

    Anna 🙂

-krisha 2014-11-08 4:25:04

how about i dreamed of a man, a man in black, a mysterious man, he was all black, but i know, i feel that i know him, but evenif i try to remember, i don’t know who he is, i did’t see his appearance cause he’s all black

    -Dianne 2015-02-07 17:36:03

    My dream is the opposite of yours… i on the other hand always dreaming of a guys wearing white. Constantly, if there is harm, he always tries to save me and in the end, he always hugs from behind… 🙁
    PS. He knows me by the way… please help us… 🙁

-Kate 2014-10-02 13:56:10

I’ve had a bit of a recurrent character in my dreams and was wondering if you could give any insight as to why he keeps appearing. He’s an old man (and yes, I read the post about men as well), who appears to be in his 70-80s and is healthy with some stomach fat. In the last two years, I’ve only remembered two dreams and he’s in both of them.

In each dream, he stood out to me because every time we passed by, he didn’t fit in with the context of the dream. That is, the first time it was a dream of the 1950s but he was dressed in modern clothes – it’s always a dark and light blue striped polo shirt. The second time, I met him twice, the first in a corridor and then on an icy mountain, and he was the only person present.

Every time I encounter him, I always have a feeling of fear or apprehension. In the 1950s dream, it was a passive fear and was within the dream context. However, this time, it was far more genuine and my dream self made an effort to actually engage with him, but he ignored me and just walked past. The third time, I felt fury and cursed at him, yelling at him to pay attention to me, which is when he turned around and started to attack me with a weapon (I think a frying pan – I know, it’s random.)

It always feels that he’s responsible for whatever misfortune follows in my dream. In the second dream, his first appearance preceded me meeting myself which was a rather terrifying experience and the second was when I was on my way to seek that other manifestation of me.

I’m a university student with some building stress about studies and a rather fragile relationship with my father (though we’re generally on okay terms), but no real mental distress. I’ve never met this man before and he truly gives me a bad vibe.

This is a long post, and I’m sorry for that, but maybe you’ve got some ideas?
Thank you!

-ging 2014-08-03 3:59:03

i dream of this man that i think i fell inlove with though i only knew him through the internet and never seen each other.i always think about him all the time for 2years now but i know its hopelss coz i am already married.i just dream may be twice but the one i most remember is recently that ,i go back to my hometown to witness something and it is about the new king of egypt(thats weird coz im from philippines but the annoinment of king of egypt happends there,i saw people that i know and they were talking about it and i said i know that man,the new king he is my friend .he is half christian and half muslim.the reason that i went home or go tothat place is to see him but i did not show myself to him coz i felt so shy,nerveous and felt regret why i didnt show myself to him and now he has choosen as the new king of egypt .he is wearing that egyptian attire with gold wristband and crown and as i saw him i feel more how we are so apart and its very impossible for him to ove me.i also see my parents on that dreams,taking care of my kids then i went home regreting why i didnt take the chance for us to talk even just for a little time.please interpret my dreams i need some word about this i keep on thinking about this seem to happend?i have many dreams that has happened sometimes its like i have a vision if theres a problem or calamities coming,its like i have given a sign,

-Stella 2014-08-02 7:51:28

Hi! This article have helped me alot understanding my dreams with I think the same theme. I’m from the Philippines, by the way, a married woman, and don’t really watch reality tv shows often. I have 2 dreams that I can remember. The recent was about, I was one of the contestants in a reality show “Big Brother”. I was sitting on a couch doing something with needles, then one male contestant sat beside me and gradually came close to me, and whispered something I could not understand but I got up and got happy and then mad, I told him I’m already married and went to a room and shut the door, but the man still pursued to talk to me and begged me to help him. Since I was stuck in the house, I somehow helped him but ended up helping a group helpinh another man pricked with needles. I ignored the first guy, and have helped the second guy without the amourous feeling, and then I got pricked with needles, and the girls are helping me out.

The older dream is about I was in bed with a popular man in our country but we are not naked, just laughing and talking about random stuff I could not understand but was feeling happy. He told me he likes me then hugged me, rolled me on top of him. I told him also I like him too, but somehow I remembered that I was married but was confused who my spouse was.

Please understand my dream. I would.appreaciate even small inputs. Thanks!

-Kecia 2014-05-25 11:51:08

Tony, every woman should tag this article and read and re-read it every time they dream of a man, I think. Is there no end to the good help in Dreamhawk? It seems endless.

As a 50-yr-old woman dreamer, I want to add that these men of ours may be more numerous and more varied in person than, perhaps, the men in a man’s dream. Yes, over time, one of the men might dominate, but I don’t believe he is necessarily the most important. The stranger may be absolutely as vital to our female Life as the “husband.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your wisdom through this website. ~Kecia

    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-27 7:20:44

    Kecia – Thank you so much for what you said. It means a great deal to me that I am not simply pouring out rubbish.

    As usual when someone comments on an entry that was written ages ago – probably back in 2010 – I read through it again and usually add things to it to bring it up to date. This time I added a paragraph of what we carry within us from any relationship.

    In fact I have added it to my facebook page, so thanks again.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-27 7:38:42

    Kecia – Thank you so much for what you said. It means a great deal to me that I am not simply pouring out rubbish.

    As usual when someone comments on an entry that was written ages ago – probably back in 2010 – I read through it again and usually add things to it to bring it up to date. This time I added a paragraph of what we carry within us from any relationship.

    I also have put it on my Facebook page – – thanks again.


-Kennyray 2014-03-11 3:21:46

I ment to say 13 year old girl

-Kennyray 2014-03-11 3:20:13

I have been having dreams about being a man well young adult and I’m a 3 year old girl. In my dreams I am always portrayed as a male young adult with black hair and blue eyes, I have been having these dreams probiley my whole life but I have only just relised that they have become quite violent. In one dream I (as the boy) was being attacked because I had done something wrong I don’t remeber what and I was begging and pleading for him to stop hurting me and nothing would make him stop. I am not angry at anyone, sad/depressed , or taking any medication. Every dream I have I am the boy and I am being hurt in some way I don’t understand what’s going on. Hopefully you can shine some light on my predictiment please. Ps my dreams before I was still the boy but I was happy and no harm was going on.

-PR 2013-11-19 14:10:46

Myself and a man that I know in real-life was kneeling before an altar. Many people where present. We had on white wedding attire clothing,

-hiacynt 2013-11-13 23:45:27

how about they’re around 3-5 men smiling at me wearing white. And the other man offer his hands for me like i was sitting/helping me get up. what does that mean ?

-Gladys 2013-03-24 3:33:47

I dream the future. I see visions. My dreams tell me what’s to come…. Never fails me…..

-Jean 2012-04-20 13:23:31

I bought your book about 15 years ago. It is the only book that is truly authentic when deciphering dreams. It has help me immensely and everyone comes to me when they are perplexed by thier dreams. It’s apparent so much effort is in your work. Thanks so much.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-04-22 11:57:26

    Jean – Thank you so much for writing.

    I would love to know more about what you do with the book to help people with their dreams. It isn’t that I have a critical eye, but I could learn from any dreams you have found an insight into. Do you use your intuition?


-Crisitna 2011-02-11 20:27:28

well i like this website

    -Tony Crisp 2011-02-16 12:42:20

    I’m glad, and thank you.


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