Mark Marked Marks

A mark may suggest the influence that created the mark. We may be marked by certain experiences of life, or leave a mark through our actions. A mark may also have arisen by intention, or by accident. The mark may represent a sense of ownership or a connection, as with a trade mark. The mark may indicate quality or lack of it – the mark of Cain, or a goldsmith’s mark.

The huge transitions or changes we meet in our life leave a mark on us which may be shown in dreams. For instance, “Today I noticed for the first time a small brown mark on my left hand. True I have been out in the sun, but I never grow freckles. This is one of those marks old people have on their hands”. So this was an indication of ageing.

Also our parent and forebears, as do the culture and language we are born into leave enormous marks or influences in us. See Programmed

 Our body – as with finger prints – always leave marks of our presence. Your activities and work leave an observable mark upon the world. The Y chromosome in each male holds in it markers showing ones ancestral history back to the beginning of human development – 300 million years in fact. See Ancestors

Blood on the ground can be the mark that someone has been hurt or killed or as a sign of danger.

A brand can suggest ownership by whatever has branded you, or it can be a marking of you socially as a warning of some sort. In some cases it is a mark of recognition, as in tribal branding, or a mark of love.

 Example: The pain in my chest started in earnest in connection with my struggle in relationship with Sonia – again the love connection. In later years a great many things that I uncovered in exploring it were to do with my loving and conflicting feelings regarding my children and with my wife. What have I done to love to create this pain? Why has its branded me like this?


Useful Questions and Hints:

Can I recognise how I got the mark and what it means?

What have I done to leave such a mark on me?

Is it a mark of things I have faced and met, like scars?

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