Everyday reality. Your contact with the world in general, the hustle and bustle, the commerce of life, the commercial instincts, the unsympathetic mob. Trade, the buying and selling, even of yourself, perhaps in your skills or labour. In some dreams the market place is where you meet a person who represents the highest in yourself. This might be in the form of Christ or a being you know is radiant with love.

Reality of everyday life; the push and shove, give and take of relating to people in general, but particularly ‘the public’; the wide range of experience one meets in exposing oneself to more than ones close family and friends; the buying and selling of things or self, therefore the self interest in oneself or others. It is also a place of choices and decisions, so maybe you are looking for or seeking something.

There are also the huge markets in goods, sex slaves, prostitution, the black market, the stock market and the marketing of beliefs or ideas – such with religion or politics. These are dealt with in our dreams.

 Example: In fact I am still learning. My body, and I guess part of my emotional structure, was formed out of generations of forebears who were Roman Catholics. Some of my inner journeys showed me that this has actually changed aspects of the biological and physiological processes in my being. It has been a struggle to grow, and it is still not easy.

Dreams sometimes show you marketable ideas of projects, so may be market research is needed.

In the Chinese Ox Herding pictures the last one shows a man who has made the whole life journey in the market place as a common man, without any special robes, or religious dress, or even any followers. You can be special without any outer show.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What sort of market was it in the dream?
Was I seeking something or buying?

Did I feel comfortable in the market?

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