The maypole is a symbol of this universal connection between all things. This is a sexual symbol, but not necessarily directly about genital sex. It represents the positive, dynamic, creative forces of growth and fertility in nature and in you. But it can also represent the still turning point around which all phenomena connect, or the point beyond time and space where all things connect.

It also represents the positive, dynamic, creative forces of growth and fructification in nature and man that cause the growth of crops in the spring.

 Example: We have dreamt of the Maypole with streamers (ribbons) in different colours leading to each member of the group. The colours seem to indicate what is occurring within an individual. Or we may see the Maypole with streams of light touching each member. At times, the Maypole will not be there, but instead light will be seen encircling each member, joining us in a larger circle of light. At other times there may be a fountain of water, overflowing and shimmering like hundreds of sparkling diamonds. These droplets then touch each of us in the group. These experiences seem to indicate a unification of consciousness, all members seeking and sharing the same Ideal. Norma Coles, Florida.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I ever danced around a maypole or swung around a pole or even spun around to make myself giddy?

Do I see the maypole as a sexual symbol around which maidens circle to become fertile?

What was the message of my dream and the feelings in it?

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