To change hardness of nature giving way to feelings of softness. A change; emotions softening. The softness of ones emotions can lead to a feeling of merging with someone. There can also be a melting of ones sense of self, of existing. Our personality has indeed, as far as we are concerned, while we sleep has melted away and disappeared. Yet the next morning we awake and all is well. We have survived. The sense of bodilessness often brings with it a melting of ones boundaries and a feeling of being part of all life. This is sometimes called an ‘oceanic’ experience because it can feel like one is melting into an enormous ocean of life or consciousness.

The melting of ice suggests that a very hard emotional surface is softening or disappearing. Melting snow is also the losing of emotional coldness, but not with the harshness of ice.

 Example: I was in a street and met a dark haired young woman. We embraced and kissed. The feeling of mutual pleasure was intense. So much so I felt what she was feeling as if we did not have separate bodies. I felt an orgasm grow inside her pelvis and reach its pitch, flowing into the rest of her body. It was her orgasm but it felt as if it were mine also. It was a beautiful melting experience with no harshness or disappointment anywhere.

Example: Now the preparations have ended and I am to go off alone up the mountains to meet whatever waits for me there. Now it feels as if something is flowing into my body. I am now experiencing a state or condition that has been very marked or strong in my life lately. My breathing becomes very slow, it seems even at times as if it has stopped, and everything becomes very still. It feels like being dead. My body becomes so still it disappears and all that is left is awareness submerged in enormous emptiness or space. There is a paradox in this experience because it feels as if I, my sense of self, has melted away, and yet there is still a very definite experience of existing. I suppose what has stopped is what I have called movement. The movement of thinking, of feeling, of longing or hoping for things.

Example: I held out my hand to the doll, with love, and it came alive and crawled to me. It came to me as a lonely child might come into ones arms hungering for love. I held it close to me, and Joan came over and I held her too. Then all barriers seemed to melt, and everything disappeared from view. All that existed was I as a united being and consciousness. It was, I think, beautiful. I used the word think, because I find it difficult to describe the experience. We melted into each other beyond the sense of being separated by the surface of ones skin If one literally entered during sexual intercourse, and melted together like drops of water uniting, this is how it would be.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Did you experience melting or just seeing something melt?

What would you imagine it would feel like to actually melt?

Do you keep a hard edge to your feelings as protection?

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