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The possible association depends very much upon what age you are, and what gender. But if you are female, it can suggest (in order of age) emerging sexuality and child bearing, and any joys or worries you have about this. Dreams of young women often experiment with the whole process of menstruation and pregnancy long before there is any inclination to experience sex as an external fact.

It might refer to your acceptance or conflict with this powerful and spontaneous process of life working in you. In a sense it takes over your body as distinct from your personal desires. This calls for some adjustment, so the dreams might illustrate this.

The dream might reflect concerns about pregnancy, or in a few cases, directly shows that you are pregnant.

Lastly the dream might be showing actual physiological conditions needing attention. If you are worried about any such dream, check it out with your doctor.

Emerging sexuality; procreative drive; mystery of life; acceptance of life working in yourself if menstruating – non acceptance of basic life drives if not menstruating.

Menstruation connects her with the forces of death and renewal occurring within her during every menstruation. It connects her with the tremendous link with natural forces of mothering and the strength of womanhood and the female principle in the Earth and universe.

Blood can also mean fertility when it is connected with menstruation. It can be a painful cleansing and difficult period of releasing the old. The old dies away and leaves space for the new to grow. For women there is obviously a strong link between bleeding and menstruation. Therefore in women’s dreams involving blood, the colour red or bloody felsh in any form, the blood may depict whatever feelings, pleasure, difficulties are associated with menstruation and the power of female fertility for the dreamer.

Dreams of collapse and destruction are more prevalent before a woman’s menstrual periods. Just before menstrual bleeding the endometrium is thicker and its surface more spongy or “wrinkled” before it sloughs off and menstrual bleeding starts. At this time several women report dreams where they need to iron wrinkled clothing. One woman reported, “I was in the bathroom ironing.”

Women with negative attitudes toward their menstruation (“the curse,” “falling off the roof,” “on the rag”) showed 15 percent of their dreams during the first two days had concerns about their body health. While those with positive feelings toward menstruation (“my secret friend,” “my monthly visitor,” “Mother Nature calling”) had less than 2 percent of dreams showing concerns.

Menstruation is the assurance of true femininity and the sign of womanhood. At such a time women often dream of receiving an engagement ring or married to strangers. Women frequently dream of being in water or swimming during menstruation.

Just before menstrual bleeding the endometrium is thicker and its surface more spongy or “wrinkled” before it sloughs off and menstrual bleeding starts. At this time several women report dreams where they need to iron wrinkled clothing. One woman reported, “I was in the bathroom ironing.”

Problems with menstruation: Problems with relationship between what life needs of personality, and what personality wants of life; might refer to physiological problems which need attention. In man’s dream: Ones receptive nurturing nature; the aspect of the male self which can ‘conceive’ creative ideas.

If ill: problems in sexuality, creativity, emotions or in letting go of ‘I want’. See: pre menstrual tension; Menstruation and dreams.

 Example: For the past year and several months I’ve had a recurring dream at least 10 times pertaining to my menstrual cycle and bowel movements. These dreams have always been embarrassing. Either my period has came down unexpected while I’m sitting on the toilet and/or I am catching a bowel movement in my hand and trying to hide it from people around me. I have been thinking of what possible meaning this could be.

This is about the person holding onto their inner emotional rubbish/shit because they feel embarrassed if they allow it to be expressed.

 Example: We’re commiserating about the woes of menstrual periods.  We talk about how uncomfortable it is when one’s flow is very heavy.  We’re enjoying our conversation and I like her a lot.  We have so much in common.  Finally she says she needs to change her tampon or pad.  I offer her a tampon (regular) but she says that she doesn’t use them when she’s out like this.  (I get the feeling she means it’s too inconvenient.)  At first I was sitting on the end of the aisle and she was sitting to my right.  Now she’s squatting in the aisle on my left.  I thought she was going to the bathroom but she changes right there in the aisle.  She pulls out a thing that looks like a tampon but it’s round and white on a string.  It’s about 1/2 – 1 inch in diameter.  This is what she will use. She doesn’t seem the least bit uncomfortable about doing it in the aisle.  It seems to be natural for her.  I then ask her how she handles working when her flow is so heavy.  She laughs and says there’s no way she can work.  Her boss just tells her to take her shoes and go home.  He knows she’s going to be off work when she’s on her period.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I have problems talking about menstruation?

What do I feel about menstruation?
Is it easy or painful for you?

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-Karmin 2017-10-02 21:55:48

This morning I dreamt that as I was using the bathroom and as I went to wipe, there was bright red blood on the tissue. I’ve never had a dream like this, what can this mean? I’m due for my period on Thursday, October 5th.

-Jonathan d 2016-12-15 13:58:25

Hi the other day I had a dream that carried the girl of my dreams on my back but then as I was walking down the hall I noticed that she was dripping period blood all down the hallway and into the crowd . Then I remember some guys being jealous of me and also her explaining to some people that that had never happen to her before about dropping period blood like that . Pls what does that mean?

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