Indecision; inability to see the real issues in yourself and your environment. Something that hides your view of things, but also what you can hide in. See: Fog.

People emerging from a mist sometime it represent an intuitive impression from an otherwise unconscious part of you – a guide. Or can be something that you are just beginning to be conscious of, so it might be scary. When something arises that you do not understand you can communicate with your unconscious by saying, “I don’t understand this. What does it mean? Please clarify this.”  

 Example: Quickly the huge column of twisting storm moved down the open countryside directly toward the house. At one point I thought it changed course and would miss us, but it turned back and came straight at us. At this point all the distant view was obscured by a whirling mist. It was suddenly dark as the massive whirlwind blotted out everything but its own presence. Then it hit the house. I was expecting the roof to be ripped off, but there was no sound of rending or breaking. There was great tension though and I turned to look out of another window across the room facing the opposite direction. I could see great turmoil as the wind hit people and objects outside. It presented a great contrast with the house, unmoved and unshaken. Through the window it appeared as if an earthquake were lifting people up and dropping them. The earth itself shook and rolled like it were water rippling.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Has something that was unclear become easily understandable?

Do you feel lost in a fog of idea and opinions?

What has unexpectedly appeared on your life?

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