In the Jungian sense it would represent an anima projection. That is, being dominated or influenced by the projection of all our fantastic longings, imaginings, desires, hopes and hungerings for ideal love, on to a physical and ordinary woman who is not such a wonderful creature. But as we long for her to be such, we project these qualities on to her. It may in fact be that the woman wishes to be regarded in this light, as a goddess, and so encourages these feelings. In legend, before Eve, a being called Lilith was created by Adam’s longings. But she was really only a phantom. Nevertheless, when Eve arrived, Adam’s attention was still much turned to Lilith. The same problem still haunts men and women.


-Jeanine 2014-09-02 9:32:54

i had a dream that i was in bed with a husband and an unknowing wife,she was drunk and the husband was getting ready to have sex with me and i kept asking him questions about why he was doing this and what he will do when she finds out…but i was asking these questions in a very alluring manner as he kneel before me and these questions eventually got him to look at his drunk ,sleeping wife and stop before anything happened,but also in my dream was my best friend in the same room ironing a pair of shorts that would never fit her lol and giving me a very judgmental look the whole time i was in this bed asking these questions, i felt so in control of the situation though with a constant smirk on my face not bothered if he continued or stopped,just waving the cons in his face, what does this mean.

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