This, like telephone, is about communication with others. But it is probably less personal. It is more about contact in general, how you manage to keep in contact with the world, with business activities, and especially with your intuition and wider awareness.

It is an active thing that reaches to make contact, to search in a way that goes into and shows you the unknown. But it can also be an Achilles Heel, an open door for others to do damage to you. See enemyTelephone

 Example: There are several advantages as well as several disadvantages to doing  research on computer networks. Until the final draft, this has been a paper-less project. This has an environmental advantage, no trees were cut down for this project. All research and writing has been done right here, at home, with a computer and a modem. Via the Internet, I have been in contact with  climbers from around the world. I have saved many dollars and much time, by avoiding the previous necessity of travel.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I ever been attacked via my modem?

What do I associate with a modem?

Do I understand what a modem does?

See Working with associations Being the Person or ThingUsing Your Intuition

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