Mood Moods

It can be a frightening realisation to realise that nobody else creates the hell or heaven, the destructive moods we experience in life. Nobody else creates our love or smouldering vengefulness. We are alone in our creation. It is probably that realisation which unconsciously makes many people feel they need to have the company of others all the time.


Your natural response to your environment is to be influenced by it. A disturbing event would stimulate you to feel fear, a calming event to feel pleasure. Your moods are usually influenced by what happens to you. So being in prison would be more depressing than being free. Being rejected would cause more pain than being admired or loved.

We are all an amazing keyboard influenced and moved by all the interactions with people, animals and events. Our keyboard responds to and produces all the emotions and fears we are capable of. So if we watch movies or read, then words and images move us to tears, fear, wonder, curiosity, terror or even enlightenment. Yet we are only seeing images, but we are moved, and unless we are aware of it, we can become victims of our own impressions.

People are often terrified or deeply worried by their dreams; they run in fear from an animal chasing them, or are paralysed by a demon attacking them, yet they are only images that we create in our sleep or witness on a screen. To run from them is to run from your own feeling of fear. That might be the right thing to do on the street if you see an attacker approaching you, but it is not good to become a victim of your fears, worries, speculations or even hopes.  So why be victims of your moods, your impressions and reactions?

 Example: As I looked at my impressions and rising feelings, I saw how powerful has been the realisation that within ourselves we are nothing. That our real existence is formless and beyond conception. It is the realisation that frees us from the prisons of recrimination, of feelings of defeat, of ideas and words – even of constant failure. Being formless, there is no mood, no passion, no philosophy that can hold us. So we can slip away from the agony of guilt or self judgment, we can laugh at the phantom of being right or wrong.

Example: I had a dream that as I was driving down a road that I kept seeing two bears. They would either be sleeping or fighting. I could not believe that every few miles there would be more bears. Eventually I was outside but was riding in some sort of open vehicle and a bear was running at me. I was afraid but my daughter’s boyfriend who has not been in the dream told me to not show my fear. So when the bear jumped up on me I just relaxed and it nudges my head in a nice way and ran off.

Here the influence of fear is clearly illustrated. See Summing Up

Useful Questions and Hints:

What mood or moods are shown in your dream?

Are you a victim of your moods and reactions?

Has a dream shown you a way out of the prison of your moods?

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