Love; romance; intuitions arising from the unconscious are usual associations, as well as one’s inner world of fantasy, imagination, the psychic or one’s inner soul life; menstrual cycle and the female mysteries. Because of its connection with the tides – the deep inner movements caused by the subtle side of our nature, the tides of feeling, even madness; the pull and attraction of mysterious dark desires; a woman’s strange, sensual, overpowering attraction.

I think the significance of the changing pattern of dreaming during the menstrual cycle has not been appreciated by either women or men. Just as the moon goes through phases when it appears to be full and bright but gradually diminishes to a narrow crescent shape only to return again to its state of illuminated wholeness, so too does a woman manifest a waxing and waning of various personality traits during her lunar-cycle dreams. Quoted from an unnamed file.

A completely different insight into the meaning of the moon in human experiences. It is a visionary view by a great investigator, Dr. Anna Kingsford in her book Clothed With The Sun:

“Every man is a planet, having sun, moon, and stars. The genius of a man is his satellite. Man is a planet. God–the God of the man–is his sun, and the moon of this planet is Isis, its initiator, or genius. The genius is made to minister to the man, and to give him light. But the light he gives is from God, and not of himself. He is not a planet but a moon, and his function is to light up the dark places of his planet. During this condition the “Moon” enlightens our hidden chamber with her torch and shows us ourselves in our interior recess. Who or what, then, is this moon? It is part of ourselves and revolves with us.” I tend to see it as our intuition. See Hare

New or old moon: Female sexuality; change; intuition.

Moons changes: Life, death, rebirth; the tides in our affairs.

Full moon: Power of the inner drives.

Flying to the moon: Trying to escape reality or responsibility; attempting to break free of limitations.

Moonlight: Romantic view of the world; not seeing things too clearly; looking within self.

New or old moon: Female sexuality; change; intuition.

Moons changes: Life, death, rebirth; the tides in our affairs.

Full moon: Power of the inner drives.

Flying to the moon: Trying to escape reality or responsibility; attempting to break free of limitations.

Moonlight: Romantic view of the world; not seeing things too clearly; looking within self.

The light of the moon: Many dream mention the light of the moon, and I think it refers to the ability to be capable of noticing subtle feelings and intuitions.

Two moons: Decisions or indecision about something, possible relationship; conflicting sides of yourself; choices or changes occurring.

Explosion of moon: Possibly depicts the breakup of hopes or fantasies which do not connect with external reality. For instance, we might dream of having a romance with our favourite film star, and with some people the fantasy takes on a feeling of possibly becoming reality. But it also depicts a cosmic event – changes occurring because of your relationship with astronomical forces.

Example: Okay, so it was a blue moon, such as tonight, and in the dream I was on Lake Michigan, or some big lake like that. Then I walked into the reflection of the moon and it was scary, because when I fell into the moon I fell deep into the water and under the sand into Hell. Once I was in Hell all the people that were supposed to be in eternal suffering were in like… a trance, or something like that and they weren’t moving, or anything. They seemed to be Statues. I walked down deeper and saw Lucifer sobbing. He was mumbling something and when he saw me he clung to me and kept saying, ” The moon. It is my death, my beautiful, beautiful death. How I love it so, but it weakens me. It is my greatest love, but worst nightmare. ” He wouldn’t say anything else and I just held him and before I woke up he said, “You will be the one to take my last breath… the one to out live me. “

This shows how the dreamt of moon influences the dreamer in a way to go beyond his normal awareness.

Example: What remains so striking about it is that it was so complete and followed linear time (that aboriginal ‘one-thing-after-another’ time) so precisely. The moon and its arc and the perfect symmetry of the rainbow segments revolving as the night/ceremony passed. And the theme of me being around a bunch of native men is one that repeats with some regularity…always some exploring/initiation type thing. And it does occur to me that this dream probably happened just at the last days of my virginity….so maybe it is as simple as that.

Example: I lay on a mattress and look up to the sky. I see a full moon and a cherub baby asleep on a cloud, or like the decals on my dresser that my mother put there when I was little. It looks like a child’s book illustration, all cutesy. Suddenly I know that my mother is dead. I sob and sob my grief. I feel sorry I never really tried to get to know her. I am inconsolable. My crying wakes Ellie and Paulina who come to me and hug me. Ellie hugs me from behind. I feel her strong arms around my chest. I am at first sorry I woke them and then glad of their support. (I wake up hearing my grieving wails and thankfully realize it was a dream. It was so real.) Barb.

Here again the moon in her dream brings to the surface deep feelings. Also, it highlights that a lot of grief is caused by not expressing feelings and love while you had the chance.

Example: I began to realise, or be shown, in my inner world, what had happened. My past practice to grow had unbalanced my Sun and Moon. My moon that had predominated. This was the Life Energy I had released in a past session, the vegetative God of the moon. That is, one aspect of the one Life expressing through evolution – expressing from deep within matter and the body. This is like the energy locked in a seed which grows it until it reaches up above earth. I could see why Reich called his method vegetotherapy – because the energy released was that bound up in the vegetative system of our body, in our emotions, muscles, sexual organs and glands. And although I had released this to a fair degree, I had hardly touched my Life of the Sun god or released it. This was the descending power of Light.

What had been a conflict now resolved itself. I had been polarised in the negative side of the Life energy. The cold, inward, in drawn, lethargic, inactive aspect. I must now open to my positive, outgoing, hot, digestive, fiery Life. This I did, and the Sun was on top of my head, and the Moon at the base of my spine. For a while they were separate, but then I knew them as one Life expressing into two ways, and my Sun and Moon merged. Now I could surrender to the one united Life.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Does this moon have any specific meaning for me?

Does this represent ‘taking on’ powerful feminine energies associated with the moon?

Am I feeling sentimental or longing for someone?

Is there an overall dark feeling that might have something to do with the irrational or unknown?

Is this about ‘cycles’ of some kind, either in nature or women’s menstrual cycle?

See Using Your Intuition Techniques for Exploring your Dreamsastrology


-Nicole 2018-01-19 22:10:09

I had a dream, im struggling to find a meaning, i had a house that in not my house now, i was in the garden and behind a fence was these 2 little boys, twins, in my dream the moon had given them to me. Such a strange dream, do you have any insight?

    -Tony Crisp 2018-01-21 15:24:22

    Hi – It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also which has so much information in.

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – or


    Nicole – Dreams often represent the deep workings of our subconscious in symbols to give us a message. As most of us are hardly aware of these deeper workings of life in us we need to recognise that our dreams always use symbols in an attempt to communicate something that is without common mental concepts.

    So your dream says that you have been given twin boys by the moon. The moon in dreams represents subtle but powerful forces working in you, such as the tides of your own menstrual cycles, which in turn are universal and are represented by goddesses – again forces working in you unconsciously. For example you are not aware of how you digest food and sort out what is usable and what waste, and of course millions of other processes that keep you alive.

    Twins are a link with the astrological sign Gemini, but in dreams it is at it most powerful without all the fortune telling. It represents duality which is a massive force in our lives. Realise that duality includes sleeping and waking, female and male, night and day, conscious and unconscious, matter and antimatter, life and death.

    Such dream children are real parts of you, new aspects of your character that will mature and shows themselves as new insights and abilities, what you can find out by using

-Brandy 2017-10-29 9:29:51

I had dream of being somewhere inside but I was walking out the door and I could see people up hi like on top of business and they were looking up and just waiting or something then I seen the moon exploding I was like oh and people saying is there a another one then I seen it explode again then the 3rd one I believe I just seen a little bit before the clouds covered it it was dark out in the dream

-Sara 2016-08-13 20:44:23

I had a dream I was by a lake, the moon was directly overhead but it wasnt alone. There was another, but I was the inly one who could see it. Next thing I know fireworks start exploding and a name appears. Could you help me decipher that?

-Anahi Alvarez 2016-06-06 14:40:23

Hi, I just woke up and realized I had a dream about 5 moons in the sky… Could it be because I have been studying science lately… Or could it be something more serious… A Lil worried…

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