Love; romance; intuitions arising from the unconscious are usual associations, as well as one’s inner world of fantasy, imagination, the psychic or one’s inner soul life; menstrual cycle and the female mysteries. Because of its connection with the tides – the deep inner movements caused by the subtle side of our nature, the tides of feeling, even madness; the pull and attraction of mysterious dark desires; a woman’s strange, sensual, overpowering attraction.

I think the significance of the changing pattern of dreaming during the menstrual cycle has not been appreciated by either women or men. Just as the moon goes through phases when it appears to be full and bright but gradually diminishes to a narrow crescent shape only to return again to its state of illuminated wholeness, so too does a woman manifest a waxing and waning of various personality traits during her lunar-cycle dreams. Quoted from an unnamed file

New or old moon: Female sexuality; change; intuition.

Moons changes: Life, death, rebirth; the tides in our affairs.

Full moon: Power of the inner drives.

Flying to the moon: Trying to escape reality or responsibility; attempting to break free of limitations.

Moonlight: Romantic view of the world; not seeing things too clearly; looking within self.

The light of the moon: Many dream mention the light of the moon, and I think it refers to the ability to be capable of noticing subtle feelings and intuitions.

Two moons: Decisions or indecision about something, possible relationship; conflicting sides of yourself; choices or changes occurring.

Explosion of moon: Possibly depicts the breakup of hopes or fantasies which do not connect with external reality. For instance, we might dream of having a romance with our favourite film star, and with some people the fantasy takes on a feeling of possibly becoming reality. But it also depicts a cosmic event – changes occurring because of your relationship with astronomical forces.

Example: Okay, so it was a blue moon, such as tonight, and in the dream I was on Lake Michigan, or some big lake like that. Then I walked into the reflection of the moon and it was scary, because when I fell into the moon I fell deep into the water and under the sand into Hell. Once I was in Hell all the people that were supposed to be in eternal suffering were in like… a trance, or something like that and they weren’t moving, or anything. They seemed to be Statues. I walked down deeper and saw Lucifer sobbing. He was mumbling something and when he saw me he clung to me and kept saying, ” The moon. It is my death, my beautiful, beautiful death. How I love it so, but it weakens me. It is my greatest love, but worst nightmare. ” He wouldn’t say anything else and I just held him and before I woke up he said, “You will be the one to take my last breath… the one to out live me. “

This shows how the dreamt of moon influences the dreamer in a way to go beyond his normal awareness.

Example: What remains so striking about it is that it was so complete and followed linear time (that aboriginal ‘one-thing-after-another’ time) so precisely. The moon and its arc and the perfect symmetry of the rainbow segments revolving as the night/ceremony passed. And the theme of me being around a bunch of native men is one that repeats with some regularity…always some exploring/initiation type thing. And it does occur to me that this dream probably happened just at the last days of my virginity….so maybe it is as simple as that.

Example: I lay on a mattress and look up to the sky. I see a full moon and a cherub baby asleep on a cloud, or like the decals on my dresser that my mother put there when I was little. It looks like a child’s book illustration, all cutesy. Suddenly I know that my mother is dead. I sob and sob my grief. I feel sorry I never really tried to get to know her. I am inconsolable. My crying wakes Ellie and Paulina who come to me and hug me. Ellie hugs me from behind. I feel her strong arms around my chest. I am at first sorry I woke them and then glad of their support. (I wake up hearing my grieving wails and thankfully realize it was a dream. It was so real.) Barb.

Here again the moon in her dream brings to the surface deep feelings. Also, it highlights that a lot of grief is caused by not expressing feelings and love while you had the chance.

Example: I began to realise, or be shown, in my inner world, what had happened. My past practice to grow had unbalanced my Sun and Moon. My moon that had predominated. This was the Life Energy I had released in a past session, the vegetative God of the moon. That is, one aspect of the one Life expressing through evolution – expressing from deep within matter and the body. This is like the energy locked in a seed which grows it until it reaches up above earth. I could see why Reich called his method vegetotherapy – because the energy released was that bound up in the vegetative system of our body, in our emotions, muscles, sexual organs and glands. And although I had released this to a fair degree, I had hardly touched my Life of the Sun god or released it. This was the descending power of Light.

What had been a conflict now resolved itself. I had been polarised in the negative side of the Life energy. The cold, inward, in drawn, lethargic, inactive aspect. I must now open to my positive, outgoing, hot, digestive, fiery Life. This I did, and the Sun was on top of my head, and the Moon at the base of my spine. For a while they were separate, but then I knew them as one Life expressing into two ways, and my Sun and Moon merged. Now I could surrender to the one united Life.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Does this moon have any specific meaning for me?

Does this represent ‘taking on’ powerful feminine energies associated with the moon?

Am I feeling sentimental or longing for someone?

Is there an overall dark feeling that might have something to do with the irrational or unknown?

Is this about ‘cycles’ of some kind, either in nature or women’s menstrual cycle?

See Using Your Intuition Techniques for Exploring your Dreamsastrology


-Tamela 2016-05-25 13:16:05

I had a dream that there we’re 4 dull moons 2 on one side of the earth and 2 on the other side.

-Starr 2016-04-30 21:22:47

I had a dream that the moon kept getting bigger an bigger everytime i looked at it. It was so weird i don’t understand.

-Marandar 2016-04-18 9:05:38

I had a dream that I was feeling something was coming, then my mother said come and look at this.
It was five massive full moons in a complete line in the sky.
It felt like a higher power, then a small ball came from the moons faster and faster I couldn’t move fast enough and it landing at my feet but it clipped my face.
Then more balls started falling but only where I was standing.

What does it mean?

-T 2016-02-07 15:58:46

I had a dream that I was in a huge room giving an announcement with a man I didn’t know. And everyone in the room I didn’t know. I only knew my mother and ex boyfriend from 2 years ago. He was talking to my mother. When I was giving the announcement I looked out a huge window and saw the moon. The moon was huge and I could see the moons face. The moon was smiling back at me. What does this dream mean?

-Ari 2015-11-24 0:20:19

I had a dream about beautiful sky, a very bright star, 2 moons that one of them moved around very fast and finally sunk in the river, and I saw our planet too in the sky

-piyush 2015-09-28 1:34:16

I had dream of 9 moons together in the sky. What does this means?

-Bianca Campos 2015-09-25 5:45:20

Hi, so i dreamed that there was the sun the moon and some other planet in the sky at the same time. And i see light purple dots shootibg up in the air the clouds look purple. I see my sister fall from a balguni falls on top of a car and falls on the floor. I was freaking thqt i was trying to tell my mom qbout my sister i couldnt speak. I was tryin to scream and tell her about my sister when i woke up my heart was beating fast

    -Bianca Campos 2015-09-25 5:53:06

    Please tell me what does this mean . In the begining i was amazed how the sky looked and scared cause it looked like the world was qunna end . So idk what this mean plz help thank u

-Josie 2015-09-20 12:53:14

Hello, last night I ha a dream that I was at a store of some sort and a message through some form of media toldme to look in the sky because there were 8 moons!! I looked up and there were many many moons….they were manifesting into form. One took on the shape of a snow flake. Does anyone have any idea what this means?! I feel like it’s very symbolic. Thank you in advance!

-Javier 2015-09-05 8:10:27

I had a dream that someone have me a crecent moon necklace. A hand stretched out and into the crowd and I snatched the necklace …I reached for it what does that mean?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-09-11 15:36:00

    Dear Javier – It is important for me to get as much information about a dream as possible to be able to really understand the dream. For instance you do not describe what you feel in the dream, from where the hand reaches out, why you believed you had to “snatch” the necklace etc.
    See also
    With the little information you have given me, I take it that you have eagerly accepted an acknowledgement of some of your inner qualities and/or you have accepted what is valuable to you.
    The meaning of this depends on what you associate with the symbol of a crescent moon.
    To explore this symbol from your dream you could use Power Dreaming – – and explore the difference you feel between wearing this necklace and not wearing it.
    A review of the crescent’s history as a symbol reveals a part of the story of human co-existence: a rich, complex and global tale that erases some of the boundaries between peoples and cultures.
    The crescent, by itself or paired with one or more stars has been used across cultures throughout the world since ancient times.
    Such wide use should not be surprising given that the moon and the stars are part of the universal human experience. They are seen by virtually all of us anywhere on this planet on a daily – or rather nightly – basis.
    Perhaps it will also be helpful to explore why you believe you have to “snatch” the necklace (before someone else in the crowd does?)
    Please also read
    Anna 🙂

-Stephanie 2015-09-04 15:34:42

I had a dream i was babysitting and then when babysitting was over. I went to the window and saw 4 full moons in the sky. Fireworks would flash and dim the other moons but I saw them all when the fireworks disappeared. I don’t know why there were fireworks. I saw everything through the window of my home. I called my dad to show him. Then the window started falling out of the frame so he started fixing it by screwing them back in. I told him to look at it when the fireworks stop you’ll see there are 4 up there. But when he finished fixed one side the other side of the frame became loose. I don’t think he ever got to see the 4 moons. The dream ended and i was in a new dream.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-09-12 8:21:46

    Dear Stephanie – Babysitting in a dream could refer to taking care of something new that is growing in your love, your work and/or yourself.
    In order to better understand your dream I would like to know if you are creating something new, for instance are you working on/with a computerprogram or are you creating a website?
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-christina stepps 2015-06-19 9:34:46

I had a dream that I was looking up and the moon was rotating all the way around me through dark clouds and then it would hit a spot in the clouds for it was light and I had a camera in my hand and I was trying to take pictures of it every time that it would roll around to the light area and then is it would leave the light area and it would the moon would be around and black it was a whole moon or New Moon but it would be black as it was circle behind the clouds or through the clouds in the darker areas of the clouds until it got back around to a break in the clouds where it was light and blue and then the you could see the white moon and all the patterns on it and I was trying to take pictures and I was having a hard time I only wanted to catch it when it was in the light area not when it was black in the dark areas and my camera kept messing up but finally I got some frames of it and then I was looking through the pictures with my daughter and she was deleting all of the pictures except for two of the Moon pictures that were in the light area.

    -Lida 2016-01-17 2:48:36

    I am shocked to read this as I was looking up a very similar dream. I was looking at a luminous brownish full moon that kept being partially concealed by dark clouds and I was trying to take a picture but couldn’t catch it (with knowledge I had probably gotten a couple of good shots)… Very odd!

-Michael 2015-05-30 6:17:47

Help I need an urgent reply. I had a dream I was looking up at the sky and I saw giant planets with 5 or 6 moons orbiting around them. Then I looked at earth’s moon and it exploded and a tiny light being (person) was ejected from the core and flung to earth. And after that I saw a ufo with a green man in it passing by and an alien corpse on my lawn.

-Olivia K 2015-04-29 15:05:27

I had a dream that there were two moons in the sky. However they weren’t full, and it looked like it was the same moon. The moon was white and had some pink patches. But everyone went outside to look at the moons and they were nervous that it was two different moons. What does this mean

-Javier 2015-04-20 22:53:24

I keep having a dream that the moon is demanding a relationship with me. It involves a phone and the moon contacts me through the phone. At first I couldn’t understand it. It was muffled and scary. But when I am informed of what it says I’m scared. Then the voice gets clearer and I can hear it as a young girl. She tells me that she misses me and that she wants to be with me. That she wants to be with me forever and she’ll do anything for my love. Its often very dark and I am there by myself with the phone in my hand.. And the moon is shining down on me. Its usually in third person. Please help me understand what this dream means.

    -Anna 2015-04-21 11:18:15

    Dear Javier – A beautiful dream with a wonderful invitation. Accept it for you need “her”!
    This dream recurs because there are ways you habitually respond to your internal world. Because your attitude or response is unchanging, the dream that reflects it remains the same. It is noticeable in those who explore their dreams using such techniques as described under processing dreams, that recurring themes disappear or change because the attitudes or habitual anxieties that gave rise to them have been met or transformed.
    Your “moon woman” is a symbol of feminine consciousness, intuition and of the anima.
    The anima is the female within the male, shown as a woman in a man’s dream. Physically a man is predominantly male, but also has nipples and produces some female hormones. Psychologically, we may only express part of our potential in everyday life. In a man, the more feeling and caring side may be given less expression. Apart from this some functions, such as intuition and unconscious creativity may also be held in latency. These secondary or latent characteristics are depicted by the female in male dreams. The femaleness or maleness must not be confused with personality. The conscious personality is a very flexible and shapeshifting thing. It can be male or female in quality no matter what the body gender. But in dreams, the female is the receptive, creative aspect of this shapeshifting personality.
    In general we can say the woman represents the man’s emotions, his nurturing and caring quality, forgiveness, his sense of what is natural and his connection with nature, its cycles and drives. Through such feelings a man would recognise in people and animals the urges that link one to a mate, the strength to protect and nurture children, and the natural within himself. The anima also holds in it an expression of a man’s complex of feelings about women, gained as experience mostly from his mother – or lack of mother – but also from a synthesis of all his female contacts. So the whole realm of his personal experience of the female, along with the whole racial experience of woman can be represented by the woman in his dream, and is accessible through the image.
    Anna 🙂

-vanessa 2015-04-17 15:09:11

I had a dream i could fly, and had the urge to get to the moon . as i stood on the top of a fence ready to take flight i struggled to fly steadily, the moon i was trying to get to was full and huge, the longer i flew the heavier i became making it harder for me to reach it, the moon kept getting bigger and brighter looking closer and closer every time. Then on the other side of the sky i noticed another moon, but it wasnt full, it was crescent shaped, but that moon was unimportant. All that mattered was getting to the full moon. What could this possibly mean?

    -Anna 2015-04-18 9:54:57

    Vanessa – I feel this dream is about becoming aware that only you are responsible for reaching “it”; the power of your inner drives, feeling more whole etc.
    I see an association between your experience in your dream “the longer i flew the heavier i became making it harder for me to reach it” and the expression “to carry one’s own weight”:
    to do one’s share; to earn one’s keep (The weight is the burden that is the responsibility of someone.)
    It does take a lot of perseverance to get “there”, and you are doing fine in your dream, because “the moon kept getting bigger and brighter looking closer and closer every time.”
    On our inner journey we all reach moments where we have to choose again. Where we have to ask ourselves if “our inner goal still feels okay to us ”. I feel you met that moment when you saw the “other moon” and you decided that it was unimportant.
    I trust it will be helpful to you to explore what you associate with the crescent shaped and with the full moon.
    I also feel it would be worthwhile to question if you are not getting too one-sided; as in for instance are you still in touch with Being or only with Becoming.
    Anna 🙂

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