Our life, its pattern and what we manifest by it through the many separate acts and events; our view of life when we put all the pieces of experience together.

We are in fact a form of mosaic that is formed by many different things. We do not exist outside them, and they are mysterious in their action upon us. For example our time of birth and the historical, political and social influences are part of who we are. The culture we were raised and the language we learnt also are tremendous parts of our mosaic. Our DNA has another effect upon the physical and potentials we inherit from our parents. But each of us are unique, every being is unique and create their particular pattern. And that pattern calls out of the infinite possibilities something different. So in this sense there are as many faces of the highest in us as there are human beings. See ProgrammedMultiverse

 Each of us have our own innate “genius”; our own unique relationship with the Core; with the Best in us; with Creator, the Universe. So there is an environment in which this can be allowed to, encouraged to, flower. See Life’s Little Secrets; Martial Art of the Mind; Touching your Core

 Example: As I looked at these massive formations I understood that they had been carved or created through events in the passage of time. Each mosaic, each part of the overall mosaic, had been formed by enormous creative acts, or by long-standing actions. So these latter were like ideograms or archetypes. So, for instance, mother creatures have cared for, fought for, died for their young. This pattern of behaviour has been so enormously potent and perhaps we can use the word successful, that it has created and shaped aspects of eternity. It has left its pattern, its artwork, on time itself. Thus eternity honours that pattern by giving it a place in the very structure of itself. No one being created such a mosaic in these formations. Such a mosaic was large and had in it the essence of all the lives that formed it.  So the rock formations and the mosaics on them represented influences that will flow into the future. They were sources of power or influence that shaped the phenomenal world. They were the body under the coat so to speak.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Are you aware of the many things that make up your mosaic?

What did your dream of the mosaic indicate to you?

Do you know that you are a multi-dimensional being?

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