For a Muslim it links with their religious beliefs and practices, and what they are dealing with about this. Also, perhaps surrender to Allah. See: Church.

Also dreams and visions are very important sources of information and encouragement for many Muslims. It is also a part of Muslim belief that one can go back to Allah time and time again to seek help or change. (Ibn Hisham: 186). See Dream Incubation; Islamic dream traditions

Example: A Muslim student of mine once told me this dream. He was sitting with me in a Mosque, in Syria (Damascus). I was telling him in Arabic about death, and then about how I named my first daughter Leila. All of a sudden, and from nowhere, his mother (who had been dead for two years) appeared. She called to him and he left me to go to his mother. His mother said to him: “Tell your teacher that the crying sound his daughter made after she was born-’ALLA’- is the Islamic word for God, and it is not what he thought.” He told her, “Mom, I am sure he knows that.” But she replied, “Just tell him that.” He said, “Mom, you tell him.” But she said, “He cannot see me. Remember, I am dead.” Quoted from Death Dreams by Kenneth Paul Kramer

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was I doing in connection with the mosque?

Am I using the mosque as a symbol of the Muslim beliefs – or as a part of my own faith?

Did I have any feelings about what happened in the dream?

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