Youthful drive and motivation; physical energy; restlessness, sexual drive; daring; independence.

Can suggest independence or even being anti authorities. The ‘anti’ feelings can lead to noisy riding. It is often seen as a male thing so can suggest macho, and as such may suggest male sexuality, or aggressiveness.

It is also a less expensive method of travel and is used extensively in very low income societies. Also it can travel places ‘off road’ that other forms of transport cannot go easily. So in your dream it could mean an ability to go and do what was previously not possible, and help others to do the same.

In a woman’s dream it may symbolise the masculine side of her, the go getter.

 Example: I met a man who seemed to be something of an adept or master, a sort of Caucasian white guru type. At first I understood his name to be Faser Dan Li. Then gradually it became Father Li. This I understood to represent fatherly and the name of Faser Dan Li to mean faster than light. Anyway, this guru figure took me into very large greenhouses. Stretching away into the distance tiny seedlings were growing, most of them about four inches in height. As I watched some youths drove in on cross-country motorbikes and roared around the place. Faser Dan Li did nothing to prevent them. But when they had gone he looked at me and said, “Those are your emotions. They are wild and out of control. As such they could damage the tender growth of souls represented here by these little plants. Until your emotions are much more fully calmed and under control you cannot be given the keys of insight into other peoples being.”


Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I owned or driven a motorbike?

What feelings were in the dream?

Were there any anti social feelings?

See Being the Person or ThingContext/ThemeAutonomous Complex


-clay 2012-07-22 17:25:39

I had a dream about watching a dog ‘road skiing’ behind another dog riding a motorcycle on the highway (like water skiing with the person holding a rope that is attached to the boat). I was in a car next to the dogs, watching.

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