Motorway Freeway

Like any road it indicates your prevailing direction in, or approach to, life – this direction/approach can be either self created out of your own actions or decisions, or arise out of other peoples or social influence.

But a freeway is a major direction and quick route to where you want to go in life – unless of course it is chocked with other vehicles, then it indicates delays in your plans and frustration. For some dreamers it will represent facing more power or threat than they feel relaxed with.

The freeway is a direction in life taken by many others, so can indicate what everyone else does, the norm, or the established. But if you have particular memories of this route and where you use it to get to, then that is important in understanding your dream.

An exit on a freeway/motorway suggests either branching off from a main flow in the direction you were taking in life, or perhaps a nearness to a goal you have been ‘driving’ toward.

If you are on foot and trying to cross the motorway it can suggest a difficulty in the way of your progress, or even danger.


Useful questions:

Where am I heading on the freeway/life, and with what attitudes?

Am I the driver or is someone else making decisions in my life?

Is this about frustration or stress, and is so where is that appearing in my life?

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