Name of person or place

Your name represents you, your conscious personality or identity. Your name summarises yourself. It is like a focal point around which your sense of self collects. So changing your name would suggest a change in the way you see yourself, or how you express yourself. Someone else’s name would depict your feelings and intuitions about them.

Surname or family name: A surname is more that a first name like John, it is a family name, often with a long history. For ages our past ancestor never had a first name just a family name It carries memories of family traits with all we inherited from them. See The Conjuring Trick

If your name is altered: Suggests you sense a change in the way you feel about or see yourself.

Other people’s names: Your feelings for that person; the quality you feel in regard to someone else with the same name; or word play or associations with the name – a woman who dreamt a friend asks her ‘Do you know where Chris is’, she replied he was on the back seat. On waking she realised she is being asked where’s the crisis? Two weeks later she had a kidney infection – in the back seat. Names also suggest qualities – as in Peter, the rock. Or your friend Pat may be a pleasure loving person, so we use the name or person to represent that quality. See: Inner People – wordplay and puns.

Place names: These can represent your feelings about the place, or be similar to personal names in their suggestion of something.

Example: ‘On the other side of the road was a window with my wife’s ring and watch and other trinkets. I went to pick them up but a stranger put his hand over them. I then crossed the road to get a bus to Andover.’ Arthur P.

Arthur’s dream wants to make sure he gets the message by saying hand-over and Andover.

Idioms: Call someone names; clear someone’s name; have a bad name; not a thing to ones name; in name alone; in the name of; make a name for oneself; name dropper; one’s middle name; name is mud; somebody who shall be nameless; or my name’s not….; worthy of the name; name in vain; lend ones name to; name the day.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Did you feel okay with the dream name?

What does the name mean to you?

Were there any feelings or emotions in the dream?

Was it a name of a place and what were your memories or feelings about it?

See Working with associationsPlace EnvironmentTechniques for Exploring your Dreams



-Aleihs-alieva Alburo 2013-11-16 7:51:55

i had this dream once that i was getting married to a stranger and his name is RYAN and i’d like to find out what that means or is it have to do with my future or something. 🙂 thank u:)

-Shiela Alburo 2013-11-16 7:48:24

i dreamed that i was marrying this guy who i had never met before but the only clue to who that guy was that his name was Ryan and i don’t know what that means so i was hoping i could find the answer to my question here. 🙂

-Mark 2013-07-19 17:38:00

I have been courting a woman and reading Louise Erdrich. Last night I met our future child, 2-3 years old, full of spirit but her spirit didn’t completely match her name. I know this was our child because of the way she approached me. She was also wearing a brilliant blue (my color) velvet dress and looked like her mother.
Any insight on why her name was only partially right?

-Rebecca 2013-05-04 18:42:35

I used to work with mentally / physically challenged adults in a daycare type setting. Last night in my dream, there was a change in how long we were with them (I no longer work there, and in my dream, I was visiting.) I asked who suggested this, and someone told me one of the consumer (as they are called because they consume our services) named Zeus suggested it.

-Amira 2013-04-26 11:54:22

I dreamt of someone I used to have a thing with calling me. His name is Rajon Brown. That’s his name on my phone and that’s his name on Facebook. I’ve had a dream of him sending me a picture massage through text of him being “at the devil’s concert”. I’ve had a dream of him calling me. When we spoke I was laughing and we were having a pleasant conversation. & i’ve also had a dream of him leaving a post on my Facebook wall saying just “hey”. In my dream I replied “Hi”. What does that mean? I’ve been having them ever since I ended it with him.

-carba 2013-04-19 13:41:42

I keep on dreaming of names, places, and numbers, why

-Morgan 2013-03-10 4:55:27

Usually in my dreams I never hear or see names. But last night I had a dream with the name Andrew. I do not know anyone named Andrew so I am curious as to what this could mean. The dream consisted of me meeting a man named Andrew, it progressed to him becoming my boyfriend, and then he said he loved me. I say I love you Andrew and then I woke up. I have been perplexed ever since. Any help would be appreciated.

-Marissa 2012-10-06 1:43:51

hello, not sure if i will get a response but i hope so..this dream has been bugging me…for a couple of days…heres what i dreamt.. i was in my bed and i woke up (in my dream)and there was a girl with long black hair standing there talking to me…but i couldnt understand her…she then showed my head,… my husband(who was out of town at the time he works in ND) i woke up and fell back asleep and then all i could see was black and in big white letters it spelled “Celsiee” anyone know what this means? ive never had this happen?

-Kim 2012-09-14 22:14:25

Hi, I dreamt of a large chalk board with names listed like this:

1. Bernadette
2. Nanette
3. Bernadette

In the dream I read the list. I wonder what this means.

-mary anne 2012-08-22 19:27:47

the name i dremp t of is andrea foster..I do not know this person..what does this mean

-mary anne 2012-08-22 19:18:55

I drempt of a persons name whom i do not know so when i woke up i looked the name up on the internet and there are a handful of women with the same name, possible meaning?

-Sarah 2012-07-19 2:30:42

I had dreams with each of my pregnancies where the names were in bold, neon letters, flashing before me. They were quite different than what I had actually chosen for my children, but ended up being chosen as their names anyway. The first continues to stump me. Adriana Laiaire. I have no idea what or where Laiaire came from, but I lost her at 6 months. Does that name mean anything to anyone? Or why would I be visualizing names I had never heard before in my dreams?

-Aha 2012-05-18 17:04:54

Hi I use your Site as reference to understand my dreams..

Recently I had a dream in which a teenage girl comes running to her parents saying ” peter is coming..after 9months ” …

Before that I was asked to meat saint John?

Im not pregnant so what does that mean?

Thanks for everything 🙂

    -Tony Crisp 2012-05-20 10:50:13

    Aha – It means you are receiving two blessings – one of love and the other or strength. But the strength is due about Christmas time or just after.

    The teenage girl is probably a virgin, who through her ability to receive, is full of enthusiasm to say what she has received. You will probably have other dreams following this one that expand on what you have received.


      -Aha 2012-05-26 8:31:34

      Thanks a lot for the reply Tony..

      My following dream after couple of days was more about paying than receiving… I had a telephone conversation with a man who asked me to pay $1000 bill for Skype

        -Tony Crisp 2012-05-27 10:40:09

        Aha – What is being asked of you that seems a lot? In a way a bill from Skype isn’t very likely unless you have a credit account with them and you are doing a lot of communicating.

        What have I done, or what from the past does it relate to? See what feelings you have about it.


-alii 2011-10-21 3:47:05

i dreamed i visited with a friend i communicate with often and, after some time being together, she asked for my name. in waking hours things in my life are changing, energy pulling me in a new direction. it feels related, do you think so?

    -Tony Crisp 2011-11-17 11:33:38

    Alii – It is obviously changes are occurring for you, but whether there is a sign in the dream of this I cannot tell from so little description of the dream. I need more description to get more clues.


-Bev Vinterlik 2011-05-24 11:20:20

within this week i’ve seen two names in my dreams both in black ink. first name is alex stone was printed and the second name was helen dattas in written form. now i want ot understand how it relates to me. it’s like the photograph in my dreams i was looking at it was a picture of a little white dog sitting on woman’s lap and it was blinking its eyes at me yet it was still a photograph. maybe you can help me as to how it relates to me. Thanks Bev

    -Tony Crisp 2011-06-02 10:01:41

    Bev – Names area particularly hard to understand. But are usually associations we have with the name Alex. The stone is something hard or long lasting allied with the name. Helen Dattas is something out of my range – unless you know someone called Helen and maybe a date.

    Photos that come to life can suggest the living influence of past experience; our continuing involvement in what the picture depicts, or something that we held as a thought, that is taking shape and becoming real.

    But sometimes you can get some ideas from saying out aloud Alex Stone – I am Alex Stone and repeating it over and over in a playful way. Let yourself play with it. I ran a class once where we all walked quickly in a circle making silly noises’. Then we said the words – in your case Alex Stone or Helen Dattas – still going round the room.

    It was amazingly effective because the continuous fast walking throws us out of our normal pattern of thinking, so we could free associate. Everybody got a full realisation.


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