Near Nearer Nearest Nearness

When something is near to you in your dream, it shows the strength of your feelings about it, or how aware of it you are. The nearer it is, the more conscious and feelingful you are about it. The nearer something is to you in a dream, the closer it is to becoming conscious in a direct way rather than as a symbol. See: adjacent under positions.

There are many ways people dream of nearness – near the edge; people near me; near to the scrap heap; near to death; stand near him to give him moral support; near me is a woman. We can be near so many things in so many ways. In dreams you can be so near to someone or something you can merge into them/it. That is because what we see as outside us in a dream is simply our different thought, attitudes, abilities, fears and hopes all projected outward in the drama of our dreams.

Some people feel near to madness or despair. Their situation has become apparently helpless. But such helplessness only exists if you believe in it. See Martial Art of the Mind and

People get terrified when they begin to realising that they are fundamentally bodiless consciousness, we create a dream image of ourselves with a body. Also to realise that we are not in control of our life can create enormous fear. Out of that arises all the fear of death – for even if we lose all our limbs we are still us. See Life’s Little Secrets


Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I near to in my dream? Look it up to gain more insight.

In what way is it influencing me?

Am I in some way trapped by being near?

Is fear or pain a trap for me?

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