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Birth, dependency – especially upon mother; the way we connect our deepest self with the outside world. Having no navel would suggest you have no connection with your parents and forebears, or have lost or repressed any feelings of such connection. In some literature or drama it is shown as meaning the person is an alien or spirit. See navel and umbilical cord under body; birth dreams. Particularly read the piece under active imagination about the umbilical connection loss.

A symbol of an outer connection with our innermost feelings and being. It also represents a sign of dependency, of our dependence upon mother, upon the life process, upon earth.

The navel is a very important dream subject and can indicate your feelings of connection with your mother. But such feelings transfer onto any person we develop a close and feeling relationship with. So when there is any threat or disturbance in the relationship with husband, wife, or partner, this area might be involved and appear in a dream, or you might feel the pain or shock there. These feelings might be positive or very disturbed, depending upon your birth and childhood experiences. The likelihood is that such feelings will be blamed on the partner, wife or husband, instead of you being aware that they arise from ones earliest experiences of connection and physical and emotional dependence.

The navel, and its link with the umbilical cord, also can deal with feelings of dependence and the need for nourishment at a basic baby level. As such they sometimes become very linked with sexual need and what is felt in the sexual relationship. See Ages of Love

At a more abstract level, this area – the solar plexus – links with the way we connect with other people and the world through sympathetic feelings. It deals with how we take things into us from others, and what we give out. The digestive tract, with its ability to absorb and excrete is an image of this, but needs to be seen in a psychological way. Hurt, disturbance or pain in this area of our psyche can lead to tension and painful emotions or even physical sensations in relationship with a person or life.

Also the navel, like the nipples, can act as a sexual stimulus for some people.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How would I describe my early connection with my mother, or with my present partner – is it easy and secure, or do I still hold back or feel insecure in any way?

Is something happening in my life related to secure connection in a relationship?

What is the situation of the navel in my dream?

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-Sana 2018-02-04 5:17:38

I had a dream where i was sleeping next to my mother and suddenly she became ghost alike face and pressed my navel with her thumb. I became paralyzed and felt pain in my belly. When i uttered Kalima ( um Muslim) then this pain slightly faded and i could move . Then i could remove her hand from my belly and woke up ! i could still feel slight pain when i woke up . :\ what does that mean?


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