It depends what sort of needle. If it is one used to give fluids in hospital, then it can suggest an inflow of life-giving energy or influence, or it could indicate a health problem.

Needles can link with drug use, and indicate possible poisons or infections entering your body. If dreamt in connection with a child, it might be worth making enquiries to see if the dream has any truth in it.

Needles can mend things or sew them up, and if your dream suggests this it is about healing old hurts or even securing something.

It can also suggest small hurts, small pricks, male sexuality, or something irritating you by getting ‘under your skin’, penetrating insight, male sexuality or power to mend ills probably with some pain. Also irritations. Or the ability to pierce through the surface of things and get to the heart of the matter.

Seeing a being of light piercing the centre of the forehead with a needle usually represent the beginning of awakening intuition.

Compass needle: Choices or direction, like the swinging needle. What direction is it pointing – see northeastsouthwest

Needle in body: Sickness in body.

Needle on electronic apparatus: An important indication of what is happening emotionally or physically. See body

Needlework: What one has made of oneself. Creative activity showing the direction of your creativity.

 Example: Another man and I were almost completely submerged in deep, dark water. I was aware of a pain in the area of the solar plexus. Then I saw a hand with a large needle sew my lips together.

The man was feeling a lot of friction at work, and the dream was a hefty hint to keep his mouth shut to prevent being fired.

Idioms: Get the needle; needle in a haystack; stick a needle in; needling someone. 


Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I feeling needled – if so what about?

Do I express my creativity through needlework?

What was happening with the dream needle?

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