Display of special qualities; richness of feelings; feelings connected with the giver; social position. Jewels in necklaces represent your highest wisdom something to treasure and care for. See: Jewellery.

Power, authority, augmentation of personality, social attractiveness, charm or amulet. May associate with person who gave it, and the relationship with them. It can sometimes represent the things you hang round your neck, as a millstone round the neck. That is, obligations, karma, difficulties, set backs.

In Hindu tradition, it is believed that a spiritual thread binds together all things in existence, as a necklace binds together pearls and other treasures of the ocean floor.

Given as a gift: An acknowledgement of your special qualities.

Golden Necklace: Suggests a loving gift, or may imply many abilities of a spiritual long lasting nature.

Pearl Necklace: Beauty and wisdom that has arisen from the depths of your being.

To find or dig up a necklace of coins: Suggest the uncovering within yourself or your life things of great value, of abilities or talents, often from the long past. Such influences often come in the form of new abilities arising, or as intuitive awareness of how to respond to certain situations or relationships in your life. So they can be links with what is usually the hidden side of life.

 Example: I was the top of a hill on my knees digging in the earth with my right hand. It was fairly easy. I pulled up what felt like coins, and found they were all joined together, forming something one could wear. This was in the form of a necklace from which ran a long loop from one edge to the other, perhaps reaching fairly well below the breasts. There were coins set a little way apart all around this loop. Then in between there were two connections from coins going down in a V to a single line that connected with the bottom of the loop. From this single line, and the coins on it, there were connections to the coins on the loop, reaching low on the trunk.

The coins, or really, medallions, were shining silver, depicting Christian or ancient saints and martyrs. It was, I knew in the dream, like a rosary, which one could use in prayer. But instead of just the Ave Maria’s, and the Our Father’s, all the other saints were included. Thus it was a very comprehensive guide to prayer. Some of the silvered chains between the coins were missing, but these had been mended with something else. The shape of it suggests the sign of the cross people make on their body. But it shows the right way to do this is first touching the brow, then the two breasts, and then down to the genitals – the real sources of power. Richard.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Was the necklace a gift and if so who from?

Did I find the necklace or was I wearing it?

What feelings do I have about the necklace?

See Characters and People in Dreams (Use it on anyone who gave you the necklace) Being the Person or ThingQuestions


-Laura Lynne Watson 2017-05-12 17:24:01

Had a strange dream last night that involved a necklace. I was in the ocean & I was fighting someone with this giant baby that had me by my necklace. The baby was easily 100 times my size & he continued to cry & wouldn’t let go of my necklace so I was slowly drowning. The density of the water must have changed cause both the baby & I floated more to the surface. Then it was a scene change & I had run off. The giant baby turned into a talking clam & it was mad I escaped it’s grip but it was happy it still had my necklace. The necklace was a gold chain with a pink stone that had a pearl in the stone but at the end it realized the stone was missing & it was upset. I understand the baby symbolism a bit but the necklace part makes little sense. Any feed back is appreciated(:

    -Tony Crisp 2017-05-14 8:19:28

    Hi – It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also which has so much information in.

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – or


    Laura – The giant baby is obviously a powerful influence from your own early life. It is basically strangling you. That indicates the creative flow in oneself or another. It is a way of repressing or controlling ones natural responses and feelings. But it may be shown as being gripped or strangled by somebody else, and might therefore show how another person’s influence in your life has a strangle hold over how you express yourself, what you say, and what you do.

    This often gives rise to throat tensions, pains in the neck, sometimes difficulty in speaking. So many people suffer from throat irritation or tension. A friend who had strange throat pains and was tested because he thought he had cancer of the throat, found relief by using the following.
    This is almost certainly stuff you have refused to express with your voice before. You can learn to let it fully express by using these steps:
    1 – Start by taking a full breath and letting it out noisily with an AHHHH sound.
    2 – Do this until you feel it resonating in your body. This may take one or two minutes.
    3 – Change to a strong EEEEEEEEEE sound. Once more, continue for at least a minute.
    3 – Now try MMMMMMMAAAAAA.
    4 – When you feel as if you are loosening up your voice, start making any sort of animal sounds, grunts, monkey noises, birds – but then let your voice go wherever it wants to, making sounds of whatever you feel in your throat.
    5 – Then let your voice go wherever it needs to. Do not hold back in any way.
    My friend ended crying deeply and realised his throat pain was because he had made a quick decision when his father was dying. The doctor asked him if he wanted to end the pain his father was experiencing and he said yes. But then he realised that he had wanted to tell his father how much he loved him – and it had been stuck in his throat unexpressed.

      -Laura Lynne Watson 2017-05-30 17:24:32

      Thank you very much for your insight(:

-polly Kur 2015-08-16 8:42:10

The gold necklace was given to my daughter as a gift and was put around her neck.

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