Emotional dependence upon parents; home life; not being independent; female sexuality; nest egg. Of course there are different types of nests, birds, bees, ants, and other creatures – even crocodiles have nests for their eggs.

What you dream in connection with the nest might indicate the home you have created, especially if it was for your children or loved one. It can depict the emotional, economic and psychological ties or dependencies you have, or have had with your parents.

Because this involves raising young, it might also show what is happening in you in being a parent, its pleasure and difficulties. In this connection it sometimes represents the female function of holding eggs and hatching them – so the vagina and uterus. Maybe even a nest egg.

The urge to find a partner and reproduce is also an aspect of all living creatures, as is nest or home building, caring for young, and the urge to gain respect within ones social group. Building a nest is an instinctive urge and arises from our deeps. It shows us creating a place if safety and a good environment to raise our children. It can be called a holy urge and its depth of feeling is difficult to understand.

The vagina in a woman’s dream really is her nest in which she keeps her eggs. It means expressing the full flood of her sexual need with its desire for a child, a caring and supportive nest to rear that child in.

In some cases another male may ‘lay his seeds/eggs’ in a nest that he himself did not help build. This is the idea of the cuckoo/cuckold.

Example: Later, in daylight I noticed a hornets nest in the side of the house. The next door neighbour’s son knocks it off and hornets enter the house and stung me. I angrily show the neighbour and son the huge watery swellings. I clout the boy for stirring up the hornets. I had held my arms above my head and the swelling decreases. Now, with lowered arms I see a bubbling up of skin spread up my arms to chest, then to my entire front. I have no apparent sexual organs because I am covered in a wafer of dead skin.

Example: There was the shiny little tool I had bought so many months beforehand for just such a need. As I picked it up I had an immense experience of my father, and his father, and all the people who have used tools to create their home — and beyond this the animals that strive so hard to build a nest, to make a den, in which to rear their children.

Leaving nest: Gaining independence; meeting change or leaving a dependent relationship.

Making nest: Home building; parental urges; partnership if with another bird; a sign of wanting a family and getting ready for it.

Nest: Home; family environment; security; even the womb.

Destroying nest: An aggressive desire to break away from family dependence, or a desire to wreck a relationship.

Eggs in a nest: It may be a sign in a woman’s dream that she is pregnant, or ready to conceive. It might also suggest that money is coming.

Broken eggs in a nest: Family problems, broken promises or betrayal, or a conception that didn’t work.

Idioms: Foul ones own nest; hornets nest; feather ones own nest; cuckoo in the nest; nest egg.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Where there eggs in the nest?

Have I ever collected eggs from a chickens nest?

What were my feelings for, or relationship to the nest?

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