The subtle aspects of emotions, words or a relationship that we may get trapped by or in; attitudes in oneself or others that may trap or imprison subtle living parts of ones being.

Nets can protect us and provide safety, catching us when we fall and are caught, or when using a mosquito net. Also a source of food when using a fishing net. But they also can entangle and entrap, as when the gladiators used nets against their victims.

We all have a complex net of connections with others, and so includes love interests, work, creativity, friendship, victims and others.

Basketball net: This may be about success or failure – getting the ball into the net or missing. Or it might be about the quality of your aim/aims in your life.

Fishing net: There is a saying that a fish doesn’t know it is water until it is out and struggling for breath. So fish can represent in our dreams unconsciousness of our real situation. So a dream net is something designed to catch part of s that have remained unconscious, and then through hard work of fishing and hauling is led to become more conscious. But people set nets to catch a man or woman, usually unconscious of what is happening. It such situations it is the instinctive desires the woman or man works on. There are many women trapped by their enormous desire to be loved who are stripped of their savings.

Net curtains: Suggests a need for privacy, or a desire not to be seen. Hiding your inner thoughts and feelings.

Tennis or badminton net: The net can suggest something you can be caught by and so fail – or missing it is success. So it might include feelings of competitiveness etc.

 Example: I stop in a red brick building which is strange because all of the windows have been newly bricked up. I go inside to see what is going on and suddenly it begins to collapse. I turn and see a man going into a position of kneeling and bowing forward as if paying respect or praying to something, so I do the same thing. The building collapses on top of me, but I am not hurt because of this posture I am in. Instead of bricks slamming on top of me, it is like a mosquito net falls over me.

Example: I am happily walking down an interminable straight road of small terraced houses. On approaching one in the middle of a terrace, the net curtain is drawn back and a hand continually beckons. It is that of my GRANDMOTHER, dead fifty years ago!

Example: I see my white satin top and the net petticoats and feel that the dress should be prettier than that and decide it will have a long satin skirt over the net. The two women, one dark-haired, bring the bouquets they had made – satin with a white gardenia. I am very impressed at their kindness in making these.

Idioms: caught in a net; net surfer; safety net; surf the net; the net effect.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What was the net used for?

Did it catch anything?

Was success or failure shown or felt?

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