Whatever is new in ones life – a relationship, opportunity, or a scheme. If contrasted with old, an attempt to decide, contrasting what we already know from the past/old, and what is arising.

Each day is a new experience, although we may approach it with old feelings and attitudes. The old habits can become new habits with a bit of work. Each new experience adds to who we are and implies growth. But it is ours to choose what direction that growth goes. See Habits

Here is an example of growth and change.

 Example: Sitting in a window box facing outwards, with Neal H and my son on my left. I felt very scared of falling and asked my son and Neal to climb back into the building. I felt too scared to move until they had shifted.

When I explored the dream I saw it related to my recent situation. Although I am now working for two magazines, the frequency of payment is much less than before. So we are running out of money – my wife being out of work. I have felt very insecure and anxious during the last few days (the fear of falling). I thought of going back to the my previous employment to work, that I see as trying to get back to the safety of the building behind (I had worked in the ‘building’ trade) me – in the past. The two boys are my younger self that is more vulnerable, the parts of me I am trying to grow.

When I imagined doing that it was purely out of fear. In staying in the box though, I feel I am growing and opening to something positive entering my life. So I feel the dream shows that my unconscious assessment of my situation is that if I trust the flow of events I will enter a new stage of growth and experience. I am going to try that. Years later I can see it worked. Dan

The mind in our dreams also deals with problem solving, predicting outcomes of action, playing with possibilities via imagination, creating the new out of old material, replaying disturbing events in order to find ways of meeting them constructively, to form new insights from old experience.

The new can include many things like a new love affair, a new car, anew job or a new direction. The new can be a wonderful thing or a dead end. Dreams can often see what would be good or bad. They can do this because they have the sum total of who we are and what our potential is. See Incubating Dreams

Useful Questions and Hints:

What in my dream is the new thing?

Was it welcome or something I am avoiding?

Am I hoping for news of some sort?

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