Through our nose we sense things that are completely invisible, but nevertheless tell us a lot about what we are sensing. It therefore often appears in dreams to depict our intuition, our sense of whether a situation or a relationship is wholesome or rotten – as with ‘smell a rat’. Such sensing of situations might very well give us a direction to go in, so sometimes the nose is about making a decision or going in a direction.

The nose can also indicate curiosity, or even ‘nosiness’ – poking our nose into other people’s business.

Example: I dreamt my mother was strangling me with her nose. Her nose was pressed right into my neck stopping me breathing. Celine.

Celine’s dream shows nose being used to represent being nosy. Celine was fifteen at the time of the dream. She agreed that her mother was being over curious about what she was doing.

Also the nose is very sensitive and if hit can be painful, so in some dreams it shows us feeling that someone has ‘put our nose out of joint’. In other words we have come into some sort of verbal or emotional conflict with someone.

It is known that our nose is the best test for food that is bad or going off.

In some dreams the nose might depict feelings about the penis.

Broken nose: Signs of having been through struggles and conflicts in life. Maybe it indicates how someone has hit you emotionally.

Malformed nose: might relate to the idiom, ‘nose out of joint’; sense of not appearing good to others.

Idioms: As plain as the nose on your face; cut off your nose to spite your face; following my nose; have a nose for; hold your nose; keep your nose clean; nose out of joint; look down your nose; no skin off my nose; nose job; nose to the grindstone; pay through the nose; powder my nose; rub nose in it; turn up your nose; up one’s nose.

Useful questions:

Am I sensing something that helps me make a decision or choose a direction?

Has my nose been ‘put out’ by someone or something?

Am I seeing my nose as something to be ashamed of?

Is there something rotten I am sensing – if so what does that refer to in life.

Because the nose often indicates the intuition It might be useful to read Using Your Intuition and Being the Person or Thing


-Melody cohran 2017-12-19 20:04:23

I had a dream that I was with women in my family, mother, aunts, cousins, even a couple who have gone on to be with the lord were there. We were all enjoying our time together and admiring a new baby girl, that in reality is a new child one of my cousins, named Holly recently had. I was so in love with this baby, watching her every move and facial expression. Then I noticed she was getting choked, and as I was about to check her mouth, she pulled a long black thread out of her mouth, and then from her nose! In the dream we were all admiring the fact that she did it all by her self, as if she had taken her first step alone, or something!
I have a feeling that the baby girl may be me, or represents something dark that needs to be eliminated from the women in our family, maybe?
I would greatly appreciate your insight! Thank you!

-Anthony Montalvo 2017-03-16 9:55:09

Just awoke from dream, that was projected towards the future. I had a note that I wanted to give to a person i loved but in the attempt of giving that note, i fell and broke my nose. A few months ago, i was hurt emotionally by someone i thought was genuine.

-aaron 2015-05-18 21:00:49

Drempt a guy asked me about the growth on my nose(in reality I have the ever slightest growth there but hardly noticeable). I said that just happens with age. Is this about growing intuition? Becoming wiser?

-govind 2013-03-19 1:42:12

i beat my elder brother out of anger repeatedly on nose and blood started flowing and find him again reappear and i said i knew you will come back

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