Because of the mention in the Bible of live branch and the fruit of the olive, it has the associations of peace and immortality. Certainly with healing. So olives in a dream may represent the resolution of conflict in life.

The olive also is a symbol of wisdom, and in classical mythology and Renaissance art it was associated with the goddess Minerva.

The tree is an ancient symbol of the holy land, peace, love, and the path of healing and regeneration.

Wearing an olive crown can represent resolution to a conflict, and victory over what you face.. A burden will be lifted off you and you will come out victorious.

Because the oil can be pressed from the olive it has the meaning of healing or ease coming from pressure or trial. You might connect this with like or dislike because of your relationship with olives; or memories or associations with times and places you ate olives.

You might connect olives with like or dislike because of your relationship with olives; or memories or associations with times and places you ate olives.

 Black olives: An underhanded dealing – like an oily character. Someone or something that is not good.

Olives: Pressing olives for oil, it might represent working hard to get something worthwhile or to make difficulties in love go easier.

 Example: I had a dream where a man in a black sweater was putting black olives all over me while I was sleeping. I woke up and grabbed my phone and bashed him to death. I knew that he was about to kill me. When I woke up for real, I knew I had to figure out what black olives symbolized.

Olives are usually associated with healing or long life, but it seems he was going to make a meal of you – as you do with a pizza. But then you murdered him. What have you felt like murdering in yourself, or in your life? And the weapon, a means of communication. So maybe you could ask yourself what raised such a passion in you, and what have you actually killed?

 Example: My wife drives into a service station. I take a plastic bottle partly full to get a new full bottle. She says that she is -b-l-a-n-k-w-a-l-l-e-d. I say for what? She says for buying black olives. I say why don’t you ask them directly why they won’t sell them to you. I am not sure they have any to sell. I wish that I had drunk some of the water I gave them. I think she means stonewalled.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I like or dislike olives?

What situations would I eat olives in?

When did I last eat or deal with olives?

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-Treese 2018-05-10 1:28:00

I had a dream about a piece of fruit I believe it was a peach, when it was open it had a green olive in it. Hmmm what does that mean?

-Jeannie 2017-08-20 9:21:30

I always find your site helpful , I had a nightmare about my brother ,he came onto my tv singing the song” Hallelujah ” but his voice got loud and angry and was singing to me ,Later an old man in white came to my door and told me he was from the Olive company and was encouraging me to come away from my bedroom .

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