Dramatisation of inner feeling situations. See: arena; Stage; film.

 Singing or hearing opera represents your own dramatic play of feelings, often an uplifting influence, a reaching up to your heights, or down to your depths of emotion. Sometimes it also has a theme and will lead to a realisation. See Plot of the Dream

So this might be suggesting the dramatisation of your inner feeling situations. Or perhaps the drama of your life, the stage of life, or stage of development reached. Most operas are about tragic, romantic or magical relationships, and so your dream might be indicating something in your own life reflected in the opera.

 Example: I am walking rapidly down a very crowded street. I am in a blue velvet suit, and I am the star of the opera which is about to be presented. All of the people are recognising me as I walk through the streets.

Now I am in line as one of the spectators waiting for the show. I have a ticket in my purse and my dog, Duffy, in a kennel box.

Now I am with Cliff, an intimate college friend of mine, in his house. Attached to his house is the building where the opera is to be presented. He is the carpenter, builder, and logistics supervisor for the production. All of his work is done backstage. I have great feelings of love for him and prepare myself for the show in the sunny spacious apartment where he lives. Quote from Sundance.

This dream is clearly about his life’s work, as the very word opera comes from the Latin opus, meaning work. Opera as an art form includes, as doe’s life, a variety of artistic expressions: singing, dancing, high drama. It can also be seen that you experience all of the perspectives in the dream which people experience in their own lives: the spectator, the star, the producer, and director. What isn’t said clearly is that all the work of the carpenter takes place ‘backstage’, out of sight in the unconscious. See: archetype of Christ  

 Example: I’m watching a film or video taken from a helicopter, I suppose, of a city skyscraper all the way up to the roof where a singer – maybe an opera singer – is performing, singing to the sky in an evening dress. The “camera” passes over her and continues, showing the tops of other high buildings. Now I’m in a car on a hill – its night, been night all along – and I’m crying because I’m afraid to go up that high. I couldn’t do what the singer was doing. The person I’m with hugs and consoles me. Alta

Here Alta is meeting her own fears and recognises them as factors that limit how ‘high’ she can go in life. It shows her wonderful potential but also the fear if the way of claiming it.

Idioms: soap opera

Useful Questions and Hints:

Was I singing or listening?

Did the music move me, if so in what way?

What was the effect of the opera?

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