The colour:

The colourBlending or balance of emotions and intellect. Orange is a blend of red and yellow, and as such much refines the basic instinctual energy or red with the life giving yellow. So it is often used to indicate refined or transformed sexuality or urges, and perhaps greater wisdom. Its link with fruits such as oranges and apricots also might link it with fruitfulness. It therefore suggests health and energy along with a calm mind. See: Colour.

Some people call some shades of red orange, so occasionally there might be a difference in terminology.

Because some people and cats have orange hair, the colour might at times refer o a particular person or feelings about an animal.

Sometimes: Warmth; religious feelings or insight. In some dreams when it is an object coloured orange it suggest something flashy, outrageous or quirky.

Brownish orange: This suggests health problems or a lowering of energy and clarity.

Orange hair: Warm or life giving thoughts or ideas – or reminder of a particular person you know with that colouring. See: hair.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I feeling in the dream about the colour, and where do I find those feelings in waking life?

What past associations and memories do I have with orange, and do they throw light on the dream?

Where does the orange appear – clothing, objects or body? In whatever context, look up how it relates to the clothing or body part, etc.

See orange under food – KundaliniEnergy Sex and DreamsTechniques for Exploring your Dreams


-Laura Lynne Watson 2018-06-15 1:00:49

I had a dream last night I was at this big market I’ve dreamt of before(I don’t believe I’ve ever been to this place in waking life). It reminds me of a warehouse & I was looking for a Phillies jersey so I could wear one to an upcoming baseball game I am going to. I only found Phillies baseball caps & Flyers jerseys so I went over to one of the men who worked there & asked them to help me. The reached into a bin next to the other sports gear & handed me a peeled Orange. All of the Oranges in the bin were peeled, & the tops & bottoms were cut so they could be placed down without rolling. I told the man that this was not what I was looking for & he got really confused when I handed it back to him.

-Catalina 2016-02-14 5:17:43

I was looking for the food orange. I was eating oranges and chocolate covered cherries witch a cherry print on the outside of the chocolate.

-padma vathi 2015-06-26 4:56:20

Very much thankful to you dear

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-29 7:52:10

    Dear Padma Vathi – Thank you for expressing your gratitude for Tony’s Wonderful Work and I will pass your appreciation on to Tony.
    Anna 🙂

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